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Trying to decide on a perfect case for your Apple iPod nano can be very hard to do, considering all of the currently available choices on the market. There are metal cases, plastic cases, silicon cases, and of course, leather cases. I tend to prefer the leather ones. I don’t know if it’s the feel, or the smell, but leather just has a comfort to it, that other materials do not. This is why I wasn’t opposed to taking a look at the leather iPod nano wrap from dasblau when they approached me for a review.

The wrap arrived in a standard business sized brown envelope. Available in a myriad of colors, I was sent a Black wrap with White stripes. Other styles included plain wraps (no stripes), wraps with 1 stripe, 2 stripes, studded stripes and buckled belts. Whew, try saying that 3 times fast! ;o)

The wrap has a very basic design. It’s just a rectangle folds around the nano, leaving the top and bottom of the player exposed for accessibility to the hold switch and earphone jack.

The leather used to construct the wrap is a very soft glove leather that feels wonderful in hand. The interior of my particular case was a dark bronze satin. The only thing that detracts from the otherwise simple design of this product, is the strip of evil Velcro that is used to keep the wrap closed. Well, that and the fact that they expect you to also use Velcro to hold the nano securely inside the case. HORRORS! How many of you will actually stick Velcro to the back of your nano? Not I.

At first, I didn’t think dasblau even expected people to secure the nano in the wrap. It wasn’t until I read the letter that accompanied the wrap in the shipping envelope, that I realized a small dot of Velcro (which they call a Velcoin) that was supposed to be supplied with the wrap, had not been included with mine. I guess it doesn’t matter that I didn’t receive one, because I would have never actually stuck it to the back of my digital audio player.

Besides the Velcoin, the wrap also has a ‘bumper’, on the bottom edge of the wrap. This bumper, is actually just a small tab of leather sewn into the bottom seam. The idea is that this tab will keep the nano from sliding out of the wrap. For me, that is just not enough protection.

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As is, the only way I would use this wrap, is as a transport case for my nano. Something to protect it while in riding in my gear bag. dasblau are working on several other designs, which I hope will be better suited to people that use the Apple iPod nano, while on the go. I look forward to seeing their improved versions.


Product Information

  • Apple iPod nano
  • Trendy design
  • Soft leather
  • nano held in place by Velcro
  • Wrap closes with Velcro

4 thoughts on “dasblau Apple iPod nano Wrap”

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  2. Looks pretty… pretty awful that is. It’s amazing what some companies can get away with these days. This product looks like a cutout leather rectangle, sewn together a bit and to top it off, you’re supposed to maim your iPod Nano by sticking some dirty velcro on it. No way! :confused:

  3. I don’t think the wrap is ugly. The leather feels really nice. This is just their first effort. I received an email from them saying they already have a prototype that has a plastic sleeve sewn into the center that holds the nano. I’ll get samples once they are available, and do an update 🙂

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