Julie’s Gear Diary – 2005-11-08

The Treo saga is never ending… I managed to sell it to someone who has a Verizon account, and is intelligent enough to realize it’s not a Sprint Treo. But guess what, Verizon won’t activate it. They say the ESN# can’t be found. The phone has a Verizon signal and you can hear Darth Vadar (James Earl Jones) say Welcome to Verizon…. when you try to dial out. Is this crazy or what? I’m convinced that this Treo is cursed. If I end up getting it back, I’m going to sprinkle it with holy water and then use a sledge hammer to break it into a million little pieces. No, I’m not bitter…

And if that wasn’t crazy enough, I’m buying ANOTHER Treo (GSM) to replace it. Am I a glutton for punishment or what?!

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