Julie’s Gear Diary – 2005-10-17

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Now for another episode in “Julie’s Search for a Smartphone”… The Nokia 6682 isn’t for me. Yeah it’s a great phone with lots of features, but using it as both my phone *and* PDA lacks a lot of oomph. So, I just bought a used Treo 650 (GSM) from eBay. While the Treo doesn’t totally meet my definition of perfect, it’s close enough until the next smartphone to catch my eye comes along. After having a taste of using one device instead of two, I can’t go back… Just call me Ms. PhoneFlipFlop ;o)

BTW: I still have the Treo 650 Verizon (hacked from a Sprint Treo) for sale. Someone make me an offer I can’t refuse…

I’ll be selling the 6682 as well… Anyone? Anyone?

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