Julie’s Gear Diary – 2005-09-27

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Those of you that use the search feature on the site, will be happy to learn that we’ve been working on it to make it actually search. ;o) It didn’t work very well at all, but now it is 100% in my opinion. We have a lot more to do to it, but right now, here’s what you can do:

When you type something into the search box on the front page, it parses the search field into words, and searches only for word matches (“words” include parts of domain names etc., like if you put in “apple.com” it won’t match “crabapple.com”, but it should match “ipod.apple.com”). Also, quoted strings are treated as one word. Meaningless words like ‘a’ and ‘the’ are ignored. If you put a + before a word it MUST be there, if you put a – it MUST NOT be there, otherwise it will look for things with any of the specified words.

More features to come…

I posted more items on eBay, so take a look!

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