Brando Aero Case for the Sony PSP

If you’re looking for an inexpensive but functional case for your Sony PlayStation Portable, you need not look any farther than the Aero Case from Brando. Available in Blue or Grey, this dual zippered case will protect your PSP from everyday abuse while allowing you to also carry a few games and accessories.

The Aero case has a semi-rigid outer shell. I’m not exactly sure what it is made of (some type of vinyl is my guess), but it is smooth and looks like it should cost more than it actually does. Dual metal tabbed zippers allow for easy access into the interior of the case. These zippers have perfectly smooth action.

The back of the case has two attachment methods. There is a flat vinyl belt loop and a metal carbiner. I don’t really think a person would wear their PSP on their belt using the loop, but it’s possible that they might hang it from their belt using the carbiner. I wouldn’t advise doing this though as the carbiner isn’t the best quality. The carbiner is easily removed, but the rubber loop where it was attached is not removable.

The interior of the case is lined in soft neoprene. The top shell of the Aero case has a horizontal mesh pocket that can hold accessories such as earbuds. The lower half of the case has another area for storage in a fold up flap. This flap has 2 mesh pockets perfectly sized for game discs. The underside of the flap is just soft neoprene. It rests on the PSP screen and should protect it from scratches.

The flap flips up to reveal the PSP holding area. Two thin elastic bands can be used to hold the PSP in place while inside the Aero. It’s conceivable that you could even play games while the device is in this case, but given the fact that there isn’t a way to hold up the disc pocket flap, it might not be very convenient to do so.

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This is a simple case, but it’s made well and so far I would have to say that it’s my favorite method of storing my PSP. I like the extra storage and the flat simple design. It’s crazy, but I really like the easy zipper action too. There’s nothing I hate worse than having to wrestle with a zipper ;o) If you want a better case for your Sony PSP than the lame slip cover that ships with it, I highly recommend the Brando Aero case.

Price: $12.00

Can hold a few accessories and game discs



Product Information

  • Enexpensive
  • Can hold a few accessories and game discs
  • None
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  • Julie August 25, 2005, 11:15 pm

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    Just click the POST REPLY button on this page.

  • danielg August 26, 2005, 1:57 am

    I have the case and I believe that your review really hits the nail on the head. This is a really good case!!! I am alternating between this and the Logitech Playgear.

    BTW have you updated to the new firmware (V 2.0) that has a built-in web browser?

  • Julie August 26, 2005, 2:21 am


    Glad you agree with the review. I haven’t tried the Logitech case, but I hear it’s also a very good value.

    No, I haven’t done the update. What do you think of it?

  • MitchellO August 26, 2005, 2:37 am

    Yeah, I have this too (although not branded by Brando). I got it off eBay. It is a really good case. I have 3 games, so it is perfect!!

    And Julie, you might want to consider selling your PSP on eBay if it has v1.5 as it is a hot item. The new v2.0 has blocked homebrew apps, and there are many looking to get a 1.5 PSP.

    You can then get a new PSP with probably no extra cost 😀

  • Julie August 26, 2005, 3:38 am

    I just looked, my PSP is verison 1.0

  • MitchellO August 26, 2005, 4:11 am

    Wow, your PSP could be worth quite a bit on eBay 😀 😀 😀

  • gadgetguru August 26, 2005, 5:03 am


    Great review, I use a similar case, though it’s is not Brando but generic…

  • crystalfist August 26, 2005, 6:09 am

    Great review Julie! 😀 Just a question though: this case looks tight around the PSP–which is a good thing–but will it allow me to, say, listen to music while the case is closed, with the PSP headphone remote connected (and the zippers slightly open to allow for the cord)? I’ve read two reviews that contradicted each other on this point and I was hoping for your take on it.

  • MitchellO August 26, 2005, 8:43 am

    For my Sony headphones, the answer is yes. It is a little tight, but they do work fine. This is not with the remote or anything though. Just click the pics about too see how it fits for me.

  • danielg August 26, 2005, 10:17 am

    Julie wrote:


    Glad you agree with the review. I haven’t tried the Logitech case, but I hear it’s also a very good value.

    No, I haven’t done the update. What do you think of it?


    I think the update is worth it as it allow you to use the browse the net through your PSP. Downside is as others have said, you won’t be able to use the homebrew hacks, at leaset for now.

  • MitchellO August 26, 2005, 10:42 am

    I think I will try and sell my PSP instead of upgrading the firmware. That way I get a new PSP with v2.0, and somebody gets a PSP with v1.5!

  • Julie August 26, 2005, 12:37 pm


    Thanks for answering crystalfist’s question about plugging in headphones while in the case.

    As for selling my PSP, I think I’ll hang on to it for awhile 😉

  • CraigS August 26, 2005, 3:49 pm

    Good review. If I had known about this one a few months ago when I was looking for a case I definitely would have considered it. I ended up getting the Logitech case, which I really like. Very solid protection, and reasonably priced at $20. It also has an advantage over the Brando in that you can use the PSP while in the case.

    I updated to 2.0 last night. No problems at all. Haven’t tried the browser yet.

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