Julie’s Gear Diary – 2005-07-17

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Yesterday I made my first visit to a Mac addict’s holy place. Yes, an Apple store. The Keystone at the Crossing Apple store in Indianapolis, IN to be precise. I was able to leave the store without spending any money, but it was pretty difficult considering all the yummy products they had on display. I now know that I MUST have a 30″ cinema display. They are so gorgeous! How many of you out there already have one? With a price tag of $3000, I think I’ll have to sell a kidney before I ever am able to afford one though… I would also really love a 12in iBook as a travel computer. So many toys, so little money…

I came home yesterday to find the latest Harry Potter book in my mailbox. Yay! Then later last night I found the ebook in a shadowy corner of an IRC channel. Wow, that was fast! Does anyone know of a website that might offer short overviews of each book so that I can remember what the heck has happened since I finished the last book?

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