Judie’s Gear Diary – 2005-06-02

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It's no stretch to say that my genealogy “hobby” has turned into a bit of an obsession.
Maybe it's because I finally got serious about it or because I recently found several distant cousins through the internet, but these days it seems like every spare moment that I have is spent researching or adding information to the family website I have since errected.
Have any of you been through this?
One of the tools I have discovered which is helping me keep everything and everybody straight is Pocket Genealogist. This program works beautifully on my iPAQ and syncs like a dream with Legacy, the Desktop PC program I have been using. What helps is that Legacy files can be synced back and forth directly with Pocket Genealogist through its desktop conduit without being converted to GEDCOM files first.
Right now I have about 6,000 names in my database, but Pocket Genealogist will hold as many as my PPC's internal memory will allow. (Since I got the PPCTech's iPAQ internal 128MB RAM upgrade that should be quite a few!)
With this program I am able to tap on individuals and enter just about all of the information that I could in the desktop version. This means that on my trips to courthouses and libraries I will no longer necessarily need to lug my laptop!
There are an impressive list of features that the program possesses, but for now I just want to tell you all that if you are looking for a portable solution to aid in your genealogical research, you should seriously take a look at Pocket Genealogist! You don't have to be using Legacy either, as it is also fully compatible with many other popular desktop genealogy programs. If for some reason you are using a totally obscure genealogy program, then you can just upload the GEDCOM file you have been working with to the PPC program.
This is truly a full featured and well rounded bit of software, and I am very glad that I discovered it! :0D

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