Judie’s Gear Diary – 2005-05-26

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If you enjoy playing word games on your PDA, then you have got to try Astraware's Super Wild Wild Words. I am playing the Pocket PC version and I am hooked!
It's like several word games wrapped into one…how best to describe it? Have you played Bookworm? It's similar to that in the way that you can string together words with the blocks of letters, and the longer the words the higher the points. But the twist on that game is that the words letters do not have to touch each other in order to be strung together!
You would think that this might make the game too easy, but trust me – between the constantly falling letters and the necessary letter guesses as the sherrif's badges drop, and the always looming date with the “hangman” if too many incorrect guesses at the hidden word are made…
Trust me, this game is fun and you will be pulling seldom used five-consonant vocabulary words out of the dark recesses of your mind – hoping that you can remember their correct spelling and that all the necessary letters are present in the grid. Give it a try, it's fun! :0)

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