Judie’s Gear Diary – 2005-01-09

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Yes, Julie and I are back from Las Vegas, and it is great to be home! CES was a mad house this year between what had to be a record attendance and some truly nasty Vegas weather.
Now that I have a moment to slow down, I just wanted to give those who are helping me with the free iPod and free flat screen TV article a progress report:

There are four people who have signed on under me for the TV. It can take up to 15 days for their requirements to be shown as met, and at this moment all are showing as “Joined, but offer not completed.” I need at least four more people who would be willing to complete one of those offers to join so that I can complete the TV requirements.

The iPod offer is moving a bit more briskly – I think that we'll definitely earn one there. At the moment, I have 24 people that have signed on. Of these 24, two are showing as “Offer completed,” while the others are still waiting for verification from the offer companies.

I would like to ask that if any of you are willing to help with this article process, that you no longer sign on under the iPod offer, but instead try for the TV.
This way when I finally get sent the item (hopefully!) ther will be better odds for each one of the participants to win the item.

I'll repeat again that anyone who signs on under me to earn the flat screen TV or the iPod will have a chance to win that item, after it has been sent to me and I have written the article about the process. My thanks go out to those who have participated thus far!! :0)

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