USB Optical Liquid Mouse – with Floating Santa Review

Product Requirements:
A free USB port

In keeping with the Holiday Season, I have found yet another way to spread
some Holiday cheer without calling too much attention to your workspace.
This USB Optical
Liquid Mouse with Floating Santa
is a great replacement for your usual mouse
that includes a liquid filled area in it’s bulbous end which features a floating
Santa figurine.


Pictures courtesy of USB Geek

Okay, maybe it is a little creepy to think that Santa is trapped in your
mouse and he can’t get out, but the mouse itself is just so darned cute! I was
completely expecting this to be a cheesy track-ball type mouse, and was
pleasantly surprised to see that it was optical (with red light), instead. The
typical right and left click buttons are here, as well as a center clicking
scroll wheel. Completely plug and play, the mouse is immediately usable. Santa
cheerily bobs about, and a viola – instant Holiday fun.

If you are looking for a simple way to spread some holiday cheer at the
office, then the
USB Optical Liquid Mouse with Floating Santa
, available from
USB Geek, is a great place to

Price: $18

Plug & play
Center scrolling wheel
Cheerful bobbing Santa



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