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Robot fanatic? Bendable action figure maven? Junk art connoisseur? If you can identify with any of these titles, then you will probably get a chuckle from the CanDroid robot construction kit toy from Hogwild. This metal kit gives you all the parts necessary to build a retro looking robot thingy that will stand guard over your desk.


Package Contents

CanDroid head
2 spring loaded hands / claws
2 magnetic feet
10 joints / parts used to create torso, arms and legs
Allen wrench
Instruction sheet

As you see below several of the joints already come pre-assembled. However, they can be dismantled though by using the Allen wrench if you want to create your droid from scratch. One cool feature to point out is that all the parts including the wrench can be stored in the painted tin robot head.


Putting the CanDroid together is as simple as loosening the various screws so that the ball joints can snap in place. Once the screws are tightened, the 8-inch tall CanDroid becomes a figure that can be posed in many different ways.

Strong magnetic feet allow the droid to be attached to a file cabinet, refrigerator or any other metal surface. Spring-loaded pincher hands have the ability to grip thin and thick objects like weapons for world domination… ok, maybe papers and CF cards.


Although the CanDroid is a simple construction toy, I find it oddly intriguing and just a little bit creepy. For some reason, it sort of reminds me of the little evil Zuni doll from the movie Trilogy of Terror… Build it if you dare!

Update 2/2/18

I wrote this review over 13 years ago and this little robot no longer looks creepy to me because I see him/it every day. It’s part of the artwork on the wall in my Gadgeteer hideout. Its magnetic feet and head (I added a magnet in his head) hold it tight to my custom made steel bulletin board on my wall.

candroid 2018

It’s too bad that they no longer make Candroid because I’d like to have some more of them to add to my small robot collection.

Price: $19.99 (available from ThinkGeek.comimage 1565913 10356324)

Easy robot kit
Magnetic feet
Bendable joints



Product Information

Manufacturer:Think Geek
  • Easy robot kit
  • Magnetic feet
  • Bendable joints
  • None

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