Judie’s Gear Diary – 2004-08-10

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I just got back from Florida and found the sleek and sexy new Sony Network Walkman NW-HD1 awaiting me, courtesy of Brando. Wow – this thing is soooo tiny, I think I would really like it – if I could just figure out how to load the software. :0(
Transferring MP3 files is no problem whatsoever, as the Walkman shows up as an additional drive on my computer. I was able to change the device's language from Japanese to English, but it would appear that the music program software it came bundled with is only meant to run on a Japanese Windows system. Therefore, I can't install whatever software is necessary to allow the Sony to create a database of the loaded music. Hmmmm…I'll get this figured out one way or another – before I leave for Kansas City in 2 days, hopefully!

I figured it out! I just had to download the English version of the software from Sony's music download site, and I went ahead and joined their service and bought my first track at 99 cents. Music moves to the device in a slightly different method than I had envisioned, but now it is all working as hoped for! YAY! :0)

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