Covertec Leather Case for the Samsung SPH-i500 Review

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Product Requirements:
Samsung SPH-i500 Smartphone

The Samsung SPH-i500 is a handy
device that combines a full featured Sprint Network (CDMA) mobile phone with a
Palm OS 4.1 PDA. However, the
leather belt
that comes with the phone isn’t very practical, unless you don’t mind
fumbling to extricate your phone every time it rings. If you are the type that
doesn’t like to worry about scratches when tossing your phone in a bag,
briefcase or pocket, especially in this instance where the phone retails
for $600, then you need a play-through case.

Covertec is
offering one of the few cases that I have been able to locate for the

Samsung SPH-i500
. While it is usually frustrating to be limited to only one
or two case choices for a device, the Covertec more than satisfies.

Offered in red, black and tan, I was sent the tan model. The front features a
raised Covertec logo, while the back has their name embossed in full. The lack
of a metal badge and the use of somewhat subtle embossing goes far to keep the
case from looking like an advertising billboard. There is contrasting white
stitching which adds to the case’s appearance. No snap or magnet is needed to
keep the case shut, as the hinging action of the phone more than accomplishes


Because it is packaged to sell in stores, there is a larger than necessary
plastic display case with a hole in the top for a display hook. Inside the
plastic case is a presentation box which is suitable for gift-wrapping.


Inside the box is the case, and the components necessary to complete the
Removable Belt Clip (WIPS) System
, should you want to wear the phone on your
bat-belt. The great thing about the Covertec is that if you don’t want a belt
clip, you will not have to suffer a protruding nub. Because of the WIPS System,
there is nothing other than an octagonal nut built into the leather on the rear
of the case.

Free tools to build a robot with, if you don’t wear a

There are actually two case sections that combine in order to make the
Covertec fit as snugly as it does. One portion covers the top half while the
other covers the bottom; a snap joins them together.

Each leather wrapped piece is lined in soft velour, with clear plastic
protection built in for the portions that cover the screen and keyboard. This is
a very nice touch.


The case’s ability to separate into two pieces is very handy, since the phone
cannot sit in its cradle to sync or charge when the full case is installed. With
this design, you simply unsnap the bottom portion to reveal the naked phone.
Because of the thin elastic strips on each of the case’s sides, this portion
will easily slip right on or off…pretty slick.


The case unsnaps and the bottom portion slides off so that
syncing and charging can be easily accomplished

The sides of the case are designed to allow access to all of the important
buttons on the phone. 


The bottom is left open so that you can use a sync/charge cable, if you have

The case fits like a second skin. It does not add a lot of weight to the
phone, nor does it add significant bulk. Here are some figures that back up my
statement: The naked i500 measures 3.4′ tall x 2.1" wide x 0.9" thick and weighs
just 4.6 ounces. With the case installed, the total package is 3.7′ tall (mainly
because of a slight over-hang on the flip lid) x 2.3" wide x 1.1" thick and
weighs 5.2 ounces. The case feels lightly padded, but it is not overly done,
since this is a clamshell phone with it’s own built-in screen protection.


The Covertec leather play-through case for the Samsung SPH-i500 is the
perfect accessory for a near perfect Smartphone. Whether you wear it on your
belt or stow it in a pocket, the case will protect your expensive phone, and
look great while doing it.

Price: $29.95

Built-in screen and key protection
Slick, good looks
Quality materials and construction
Do not have to remove entire case to sync/charge in cradle

Must remove the bottom portion of case to sync/charge in cradle


Product Information

  • Built-in screen and key protection
  • Slick, good looks
  • Quality materials and construction
  • Do not have to remove entire case to sync/charge in cradle
  • Must remove the bottom portion of case to sync/charge in cradle

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