Judie’s Gear Diary – 2004-03-31

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While I have been waiting (and waiting and waiting!) for my CLIÉ TH55
to return from Sony repair, I have been rediscovering how much fun it is to play
games on my Zodiac2. For instance one of my favorite time wasters these days is
Zodtris by
Vicious Bytes, a Tetris clone made specifically for the Tapwave. Another game I
am really enjoying is GameBox
by PDA Mill. This card
game pack includes ten different solitaire games. The graphics and sound effects
are amazing and like all the best games do – it uses the PDA's entire
screen including the soft graffiti area.

Of course I can't play games 24/7, much as I might like to. That's when the
Palm earns its keep as a valuable reference tool – especially when it is loaded
with the following three programs:
Noah Pro
English Dictionary
by Arslexis:
Includes definitions for 122,000 words, can be used to look words up directly
from other programs, and can be stored on a memory card – which is great if you
don't have a 128MB PDA as it is over 5MB to load the full dictionary!
Includes alternatives for 48,000 words broken down into groups of nouns,
adjectives, verbs and adverbs when appropriate. This program can also be run
from a memory card.

WorldBook Encyclopedia
by Town
: This is the definitive Palm resource which includes over
17,000 records and over 1,700
in its over 56MB database.
though the database is huge, it is still easy to navigate, and yes…it will run
from a memory card. ;0)

Since I load so many programs onto my Palm, and they aren't always "keepers,"
I am thankful for a program called
Uninstall Manager
NorthGlide . This program allows me to
not only remove a program when I am over it or it doesn't live up to its
hype, but it also cleans up all the pesky little garbage files that so many
programs try to leave behind.

My TH55 better hurry up and come back to me or I may just fall in love with
my Zodiac again…

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