iHolster for the HP iPAQ 1900 Series PDA Review

Product Requirements:
HP iPAQ 19xx series PDA

For those of you that like to have your HP iPAQ 1900 right where you can
easily get to it, namely on your bat-belt,
iProducts has an

for you.

Composed of heavy duty black textured plastic, the iHolster does double duty
as both a belt clip and a screen protector for your PDA. According to the
iHolster website, "Each iHolster1900 is hand made (not vacuum formed) from
durable, impact resistant Kydex to provide a snug and secure fit for your iPaq.


The iHolster measures 4.5" long x 3" wide x 0.6" thick (not counting the
button). It weighs only 1.1 ounces. Soft loopy fabric is attached to key areas
of the case to allow your iPAQ to slide in without scratching the silver painted
plastic. The iHolster is meant to be used with your 1900 lying with screen
facing inside, and with its back facing the world.

The iHolster is held to your belt or waistband with a stiff plastic
UtraClip that is not
only held on with what appears to be 3M tape, but also a rivet. That button is
not coming off! The belt clip has to be rotated and a button depressed for the
clip to be installed or removed, so it is very secure. Moreover, the plastic lip
at the bottom of the clip should keep a belt or waistband’s material from
sliding out unintentionally.


Once the iPAQ 1900 is in place, the iHolster securely cradles it, offering
superb screen protection. Open access is still available to the top and sides of
the PDA and the back is left unencumbered.


Steve allowed me to take a picture of him wearing the iHolster to give you an
idea of what it looks like when worn on the hip. I would actually like to see
the iHolster offered without a belt clip, because as a sliding screen protector
I think it would be perfect for a multitude of PDAs that people might like to
carry in their pockets, purses or gear-bags.

The iHolster is a simple sleeve that does exactly what it is meant to do –
securely holds the iPAQ to your waist while protecting the screen. If you are
more concerned with keeping your PDA handy than keeping it inside a case, then
this may be the ideal solution for you.

Price: $31
There is also an iHolster available for the

Extremely well made of molded plastic with loopy material to protect iPAQ’s
Belt clip is not only stuck on, but is riveted on as well

No protection for iPAQ when it is removed from holster, so be careful!

7 thoughts on “iHolster for the HP iPAQ 1900 Series PDA Review”

  1. Het Matt,

    No, the iPAQ doesn’t actually click into place, it is a friction hold as you suggested. The iPAQ is quite secure, though.

    Judie :0)

  2. Steve Corrales of iProducts wrote to say, “Per your request we are going to be offering the iGuard1900, iGuard4100 and the iGuard2200 (for the iPaq 2200 series).”

    If anyone is interested in an iHolster without the belt clip, then you might want to check their site. 🙂

  3. As Judie mentioned, we are going to be offering iGuards, iHolsters without belt clips, for all iHolster models. They are not yet up on our website. If you would like to order one in the meantime, just send me an email.

  4. Matt,

    We offer solutions for the the following:

    iPaq 2200
    iPaq 3000 series
    iPaq 4100
    iPaq 5000 series

    Toshiba 300 and 700 series

    Dell Axim X5
    Dell Axim X3 (coming soon)

    And we are always adding to our product line so check back from time to time to see whats new.

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