USB Sync Cable with On/OFF Charging Control Review

Product Requirements:
Palm m500 series. Palm Tungsten T
series, Palm Zire 71, CLIÉ T/NR/SL/SJ/NX/NZ/TG/TJ series, CLIÉ N/S series, iPAQ
1910/221x/38xx/39xx/54xx/55xx series, ASUS A620, MiTAC Mio 338/528, Viewsonic
V35, O2xda/xda2

One of the first things many people do when they get a new PDA is buy an
extra cradle so that they can sync and charge when at work. Of course, the
average cradle can cost upwards of $50, plus there is the fact that they take up
so much room!

If gearbag, or even your desktop space is at a premium, then you might want
to take a look at two new sync and charge cables available from
Brando Workshop and
Surplus PDA. From end to end, the Brando cable is 56.5" long (143.5cm), and
the Surplus PDA cable is 65" (163cm). Otherwise, there are no differences
between the two.

The beauty of these sync cables is that they operate in a fashion quite
similar to a cradle. Just as a cradle will light up when a PDA is charging, and
just as some will light up when syncing, these sync cables have glowing LED
lights to let you know what functions the cable is performing. A red light will
glow for battery charging, and a blue light will glow when data is being

The Palm OS versions of these sync cables include a hot-sync button which
corrects a major design flaw of other lesser cables. When there is no hot-sync
button, the user has to enter the function from the screen, which depending on
their set up can involve multiple layers of taps.

This isn’t really an issue with a Pocket PC’s sync cable, since Active Sync
will generally start on it’s own (depending on your settings) as new data is

One last feature of these cables is that there is a slider which can be
adjusted to turn the battery charging capability on or off. I am almost
obsessive/compulsive about keeping my PDAs charged, so this isn’t really a
function that I will use.

For those of you that need the portability of a cable, or that don’t want the
expense of a second cradle, these USB Sync Cables are a perfect solution.

This USB Sync Cable is avaiable from
Brando Workshop and

Surplus PDA

Price: $16.99 – 19.90

Fair price
LED lights tell you what function is running
Hot Sync button on Palm OS models
You can turn off the power charging feature


14 thoughts on “USB Sync Cable with On/OFF Charging Control Review”

  1. Make it retractable with interchangeable tips for use with more than one device and you can have my 35 bucks (if it is great maybe even $40)

    Maybe I should register this idea 🙂

    Any way if you create it, give me credit and send a sample 😎

    Great review as always Judie, when would be ready the Zodiac review?

  2. Is the connector the kind that will allow you to connect to a Tungsten T while inside a case (namely the Innopocket Metal Deluxe Case)

    Most of the connectors have a back part that it too long to work with the cutout in the case. Though I do have one cable (out of the four different ones I bought) where it isn’t too long…and works quite well. Only I don’t remember where I got it, and I want another one for my laptop bag.

    The Dreamer.

  3. Dreamer,

    I know what you mean about the extra long part that messes up case syncing, and this cable doesn’t have that. 🙂

    Well, let me back-up a bit…the NZ90 cable doesn’t have it – but I can’t specifically say whether the Universal connector cable will or not. I hope not.

    Judie :0)

  4. Hi Judie, I know you are busy (or having fun) with your new device, but just had a quick question: Does this connecter connect firmly and lock in place on the T?

    Only asking because I have a couple of Belkin charge/sync cables that either fall out or have to be held in place to work properly.

    I don’t really need the charge function now that the T3 patch has improved the battery life, but I don’t want a poor hotsync connection either!

  5. Altema,

    I tried it out with the CLIE NZ90 (they didn’t send me a Palm Universal model), and found that it clipped very securely. Sorry I couldn’t tell you specifically about the T. :0/


  6. Originally posted by Judie

    I tried it out with the CLIE NZ90 (they didn’t send me a Palm Universal model), and found that it clipped very securely. Sorry Ii couldn’t tell you specifically about the T. :0/

    Judie [/B]

    That’s right, I forgot about the NZ being your main squeeze (after Steve, of course!)

  7. Altema and Dreamer,

    <removing orifice head from posterior>

    I was sent the Surplus PDA connector, marked for the Palm Zire 71, which…da da da dummmm – has a universal connector.

    Altema, the connector fits perectly and snugly into the Tungsten T’s port, but Dreamer – it does have the high back on the plug that will prevent you from being able to use it in the Proporta/InnoPocket cases.

    Sorry for any confusion my brain-fart may have caused…:o

    Judie :0)

  8. The Belkin usb charge/sync cable is pretty good too. It also come with a car adapter. The package costs $19.90 at circuit city.

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