Rhinoskin Game Boy Advance SP Aluminum Case Review

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Product Requirements:
Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP

Rhinoskin, the popular aluminum PDA case
manufacturer, has come out with a new hard case. This one isn’t for a PDA
though, it’s for the Nintendo Game Boy
Advance SP
. Made of anodized aluminum and available in silver or blue
(coming soon), this case will definitely protect your mini game machine from
everyday abuse.

The case has a play through design. Actually, once you insert the GBA-SP,
you’ll really never need to remove it. There are cutouts for all the features
including the power switch, volume control, game cartridge slot, Left and Right
shoulder buttons, power cable, and link cable.

The interior of the case is lined with a thin layer of EVA padding. This
keeps the Game Boy cushioned and protected from any shocks due to drops or
banging around.

Inserting the device into the case isn’t hard, but I actually didn’t do it
correctly the first time. You have to press the screen cover portion of the Game
Boy into the case first as there a lip in the case cover that you need to slide
under. This lip keeps the Game Boy screen from coming out of the case during
opening and closing. The Game Boy fits in this case like the proverbial hand in
a glove.

Since the Game Boy already has a spring loaded screen cover, there isn’t a
closure mechanism on the Rhinoskin case other than it’s own small spring. This
doesn’t bother me as I’ve yet to have the device open on its own.

This case does add a bit of bulk to the device. With a GBA game cartridge in
the slot, the entire package weighs in at 7.8oz (222g). It still feels
comfortable to hold and play with though. I also think the smooth brushed finish
on the case feels great.

The price for this case is fantastic. It’s helps protect your device from
scratches and looks great while doing it! If you have a Game Boy Advance SP, you
owe it to yourself to take a closer look at this product.


Price: $14.95

Great design
Play through
Good price



Product Information

  • Great design
  • Play through
  • Good price
  • None

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14 thoughts on “Rhinoskin Game Boy Advance SP Aluminum Case Review”

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  2. In a review on a gaming site, they claim that this case makes it difficult to use the shoulder buttons, especially if you normally do not use your fingertips.

    Did you find this? Or do you normally use your tips to press the shoulder buttons?

  3. Depending on the pace of the game (slow or hectic) I normally use the space between my first and second knuckle on the shoulder pads.

  4. I still don’t think you’d have a problem using the buttons even in the way you’re describing. I’ll try it tonight…

  5. Just got mine tonight – it feels a little slippery on the bottom half, or at least more so than the plastic, but overlal it’s a solid feel, and definitely something that doesn’t look like it’ll scratch as easily as my GBA SP did.

    As to the button issues – I’ve yet to notice anything major, but I always used the first joint of my forefingers to press the shoulder buttons, so I didn’t really notice any problems. The only other complaint I’d have with the case is that it doesn’t feel quite like it shuts completely, which leaves me worried the GBA could open suddenly in my pocket and have something shoved into the screen.

    I’m a bit surprised that nobody mentioned the somewhat slick feel of the bottom half of the case, however – makes me almost wish they’d given it a rougher polish there, or at least some grooves or some other bumps to make it more ‘grippable’.

  6. Haesslich:

    I don’t notice the bottom portion of the case as having a slicker surface.

    My case closes completely. The spring should keep it closed. Maybe you don’t have your GBA-sp fully pressed down into the case?

  7. Originally posted by Julie

    I don’t notice the bottom portion of the case as having a slicker surface.

    My case closes completely. The spring should keep it closed. Maybe you don’t have your GBA-sp fully pressed down into the case? [/B]

    It’s not that the bottom of the unit’s slicker – it’s just that the anodized aluminum doesn’t feel as ‘secure’ in my hands as the plastic did – it’s not so much that it’s smoother or slicker than the sensation is one of being more prone to get loose if one’s hands are even a tad damp due to sweat. I’ve compensated by tightening my grip on the unit, but that tends to lead to a bit of cramping. It’s a very nice looking case, however.

    And I’ve been pushing on the unit more since I got it – it’s closed fully now, but there’s still a small gap to worry about, though it’s no worse than the unit was without the case. Maybe I just got a bad GBA SP or something, hinge-wise. Otherwise the case is prett secure, and definitely doesn’t scratch easily – which, given the condition of my GBA SP after a few months in a pocket without change (and it still managed to get scratched and scuffed up some), is a heck of a lot better looking. 😀

  8. Been using my Rhinoskin case for several months now. No downsides so far, the GBA doesn’t get scratched up… and I’ve had people stop me just to ask what I’m using, since it looks so cool.

    Definite bonus there. 😀

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