Julie’s Gear Diary – 2003-06-30

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Tell me the truth, am I the only person out here that is totally bored with PDAs right now? Why do I feel like the golden age of PDAs is long gone? Remember when you just had to download and install every new program that you found for your PalmPilot on PalmGear? Remember when Hackmaster hacks were like the coolest things ever? What about the first time that you were able to play an MP3 on your Palm-sized PC? When is the last time you felt a geek rush when doing something new and unusual with a PDA? It's been a long time for me…

I want to hear from those of you that are doing awesome and unique things with your PDAs. Surprise us, inspire us, entertain us!

Email me your stories (and pictures), and we'll post them for all to read and will then pick our three favorite stories. The winners will receive some cool prizes!

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