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Name: Henry Kong
Location: Singapore

I guess I have always been attracted to gadgets.
Gaming consoles
As far as I can remember, my first game console was a B&W made-in-Hong Kong
pong machine that plugs into the TV.  This was followed by the Atari VCS 2600,
Nintendo, Super Nintendo, MegaDrive and a host of other consoles.  The NeoGeo
console is still in great working condition.
I started off with the 2mb RAM single board OSI Superboard, move on to the
Commodore Pet, Apple, C64, IBM and others.  My favorite gaming PC is the Atari
ST – I had one running in colour and the other in superb monochrome. Having a
real interest in small computers, I owned an early Olivetti CGA notebook, a
couple of HP Omnibooks and am now using two Toshiba Librettos, the older 110Ct
for games.
Naturally, I had all the Nintendo’s Watch and Game devices, including the
multi-screen ones.  My favorites are Fire and Manhole which I still enjoy
immensely.  As I had a 6-year old daughter then, I got her all the modules of
"Speak and Spell" that I can find.  I even purchased a couple of Franklin
Bookmans for their games.
As for handheld gaming, I was probably the first person in Singapore to own a
Game Boy, having purchased it overseas.  I had two Sega Game Gears and a
Nintendo Virtual Boy.  My only regret was I did not own the NEC handheld.  My
current passion is the
GamePark GP32
gaming device.
When the Palm Pilot was released, I was the first kid on the block to own
every model that was released up to OS 3.5.  After that I became more
selective and now use a Treo 270.  It was the same with the Pocket PC – I
started with the HP WinCe, and on various occasions own one or more of
HP Jornadas, Casios and iPAQs.  My last PPC was the Fujitsu.
Generally speaking, I am interested in all things electronic – from cameras,
videos, radios, cd / vcd / DVD, tape recorders…  The smaller they are the
better.  You can find out more of what I am up to at my personal website –
 or from one of my many
write-ups on the web, including the-gadgeteer.
Check out my write-ups on the internet of

My latest gadget
and the Freeware


Also, how to tweak it to look like

and the
I am having… with lots of
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