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  2. My screen also started going dim in the same fashion, it was a Palm Vx. The battery life was always fine, but the screen kept on getting dimmer and dimmer until I eventually had to toss the unit because I couldn’t read it even by squinting anymore.
    When it started happening I did a lot of research and found a lot of different people complaining about another screen problem, the infamous digitizer misalignment. I found dozens of message board threads just dedicated to this problem as well as four separate programs to work around it by resetting the digitizer on every bootup, I thought it was a weird issue…nobody had a good solution or an explanation of what was happening, so I emailed Palm about the digitizer issue just to see what the official story was, and they literally told me they’d never heard of the issue! Check it out:
    <quote> Palm, Inc. is unaware if any such issues with the screen not responding
    well specifically as regards the Palm Vx handheld.

    The issue that you are experiencing might be due to the presence of
    certain third-party applications or due to corrupt databases on the Palm
    handheld. The presence of third-party software or corrupt databases on
    the Palm handheld usually causes an issue with the working of the Palm OS.</quote>
    I was like, what the $#@#$#@, this is a problem that is widely reported with numerous hackish workarounds and Palm technical support is pretending they’ve never heard of it? This is clearly either drastically incompetent or (I assumed) tremendously dishonest!! I figure anyone with that kind of attitude isn’t going to correct their problems, they’ll just keep lying about them.

    So, I figure that’s what happened with the screen fade, rather than fixing the trouble they just lie about it and pretend they’ve never heard about it and try to gouge you on service fees. I bet if they did an honest accounting we’d find that the number of palms with this specific display problem is huge, and they make people go through the gymnastics just to try to reduce the warranty services for the hardware fault.

    It’s a real pity though, PalmOS beat out WinCE in my book any day, and there’s no sexier palm than the Tungsten. *sigh*

    I really love this website btw – THANKS!

    – Greg

  3. And yet another reason why the Sony Clies are superior to the Palms. Have yet to hear from NX owners on any problems. Plus we now have CF Card support!

  4. contempt,

    Sony may have better quality control than Palm (and even that is subjective , as I have had more than one CLIE come with dust under the screen – from the factory), but Sony’s customer service is definitely not going to win any awards with me. They have yet to redeem themselves with me for the CLIE 710C which would not work with XP (unles you paid $50 for the upgrade).

    …and another thing: the only reason CLIEs with “wireless” slots even have the ability to support CF cards is because of wonderful developers out there that are not affiliated with Sony. If it were up to Sony, you would never have had that option.

    That is not to say that the CLIE is not a great PDA…it is. But Sony, the company, is certainly not blameless or superior to Palm.

    <stepping now soapbox my off>
    Judie :0)

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