Vaja I-Volution T-buron for Pocket PC Phone Edition Review

Product Requirements:
T-Mobile, AT&T Siemens SX46 & O2 XDA Pocket PC Phone

By now, you all know how much I love the line of  I-Volution cases by
Vaja. If you have never
handled one of these works of art, then you probably can’t understand what all
the hoopla is about. Until you have felt and smelled the leather that they use
personally, you just can’t understand the experience.

The latest in the I-Volution line is the T-buron for the Pocket PC Phone

Fashioned in smooth black leather with a smooth red leather
trimmed interior, the T-buron is fashionable, elegant, and classy. The
smooth molded lines of the case feel good in your hand, and the case manages
to offer protection without adding too much bulk. The only branding on the
exterior of the case is the VAJA metallic logo plaque, which adds to its
pricey looks.

The flip-lid is held in place with a hidden magnet near the bottom of the PDA.
No Velcro or other funk in this beauty!

underside of case, showing sync port


The case is easy to open by lifting up on the portion of the flip-lid that
hides the magnet. Once inside, you are greeted by a striking red interior. This
red is deep, almost what I would call a Chinese lacquer.

As you can see, there are two handy molded SD/MMC card slots. This case was
personalized with Julie’s name, but I don’t mind. ;0)

When using the Phone Edition as a wireless PDA, the case is just great. The
flip-lid lays back out of the way – not against the back of the case mind you,
but rather at a 45˚ angle. Using the PDA as a phone
while it is in this case can be a little bit of a chore though, unless you are
using the headset. It’s a little weird to hold the phone up to your head and
feel the flip-lid banging against you. This is okay for a quick call, but I
wouldn’t recommend it for all the time.

All buttons and inputs of the Phone Edition are
accessible – even the blinking status light, except for one: the soft reset
button. This is the one thing that is inconvenient to my typical usage of the
PDA while in this case.


According to the Vaja site, you can sync in the
cradle with this case on your PDA. Unfortunately, I could not test this, as mine
is an unbranded unit that did not come with a cradloe. I can definitely show that
you can use a sync/charge cable while your Phone Edition is in the case, though.

The T-buron I received has the ultra belt-clip. I have to tell you up-front that
I don’t like belt-clips, but if I did – I would like this one. The post coming
out of the T-buron is solid metal, and the
clip is a strong

Picture courtesy of the Vaja website

The T-buron adds a little bit of weight and bulk to the Phone Edition, but
not much. Here are its stats:

  Weight Height Width Thickness
Naked Phone Edition 7.1 ounces (202g) 5.1" (12.9cm) 2.9" (7.3cm) 0.7" (1.8cm)
Phone Edition in T-buron 9.9 ounces (282g) 5.6" (14.1cm) 3.1" (8cm) 1.2" (3.1cm)

 Overall, I feel that the T-buron is one of the finest cases available.
It is a luxury item, for someone to whom fashion is important. If you are that
person, then this is your case.

Price: $114.90 with ultra-clip, $109.90 without
Available in black with red trim, or you can spring for custom colors, starting
at $129.90


Futuristic and stylish design
Meticulous craftsmanship
Can sync and charge your PDA while its in the case
You will be proud to whip your PDA out when it’s in this case


Flip-lid can be a bit awkward when making calls
Must remove PDA from case for soft reset

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