Piel Frama Zaurus Case Review

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Product Requirements:
Sharp Zaurus SL-5500

Sharp Zaurus users can smile as
they now have another case to choose from for their PDA.
Piel Frama has recently added this
leather case to their current product line. Available in Black, Tan and a Black
/ Tan combo, this is a quality case made of fine grained cow skin.

pielframa zaurus1
pielframa zaurus2

To allow use of the 5500’s unique slide out keyboard, the Zaurus is held in
this case with a leather holster. You insert the PDA from the bottom of the
holster, sliding it forward till the bottom part of the PDA slips into a leather
tray. Once inserted, the PDA is held quite securely. Even with vigorous shaking,
I wasn’t afraid that the Zaurus would slip out of the case accidentally.

While inserted, you have access to all features of the PDA except the reset
switch. One large cutout allows easy screen usage, while two rectangular cutouts
on the left side allow you to access the IR port and SD card slot.

pielframa zaurus3
pielframa zaurus6

The leather tray has a cutout for the serial port and AC adapter. The serial
port cutout is convenient if you have a sync cable for the PDA as you will need
to remove the PDA from the case if you want to sync with the cradle.

When you want to use the keyboard, it easily slides open for unobstructed

The top of the PDA is equally accessible while in the case. When the cover is
open, you can easily insert and remove CF cards and use the stereo earphone
jack. When the cover is closed, 2 cutouts allow you to continue to use both the
CF and earphone features. The CF cutout in the cover is a nice addition for
people that use oversized CF cards such as modems. You can leave the card in the
slot and still close the cover on the case.

pielframa zaurus5

The inside of the cover has one large card slot and 2 SD card slots. It is
nice to see that Piel Frama located the slots in such a position as to not come
in contact with the display when the cover is snapped closed. The cover is
padded and is stiff enough to protect the display from everyday bumps and

The exterior of the case has the Zaurus logo embossed on the front, and a
plastic belt clip stud is located on the back. I was surprised that the belt
clip matched the color of the case perfectly! However, it would be nice if you
could buy these cases without a belt clip.

pielframa zaurus4

The materials and construction of this case are all of high quality. It is
made very well and would look fine in both a business and casual setting.
Although this case does add some bulk to the Zaurus, it also will do a good job
of protecting the PDA from accidental drops. If you are looking for a belt case
for your Zaurus, take a closer look at this one.


Price: 65 € ($63.67) UPS Express shipping included

CF cutout in cover for oversized CF cards

All cases come with a belt clip
Must remove from case to sync with cradle
Must remove from case to reset


Product Information

Manufacturer:Piel Frama

6 thoughts on “Piel Frama Zaurus Case Review”

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  2. Hi Julie!

    I am curious as to the construction of these case. I am hoping they come out with a version for the T3.

    Are they rigid and protective? How would it compare with a Proporta case? (a known quantity for me…<grin>)

    I use my T3 everyday at my work as a police officer and need something protective, but really like the style of the Vaja cases.

    Thanks Julie for a great review!

  3. The cases are ridge. I believe that the leather is molded around ABS plastic. That said, they are not going to be as rigid as an aluminum case. I actually think this case is somewhat more protective than the Innopocket because when closed, 95% of the iPAQ is covered. Only the stylus and earphone jack are exposed.

  4. Hi julie

    I was wondering if you could tell me if the flip top bends all the way back as i was told that a problem with this case is that the flip lid does not bend all the way back and hence can be quite bothersome to use !!

    Also how does the leather compare to that of say a piel frama?? is it just as soft as the piel framas ??


  5. The cover does not bend completely back behind the case. There is one picture in the review of me holding the case in my hand. The cover actually bends back farther than that picture shows, but not by a whole lot. During use in your hand, the cover will not get in your way at all. Using the PDA on a desk top, it will stand straight up at a 90 degree angle. For me it does not get in my way or hinder use.

  6. I’m looking for a case that has a CF storage slot; why doesn’t anyone make one? (Piel Frama, Vaja soft cases; also rans,–nada)

    I always keep my SD card in the 2210’s SD slot since it’s the card I use most frequently; I don’t use the CF card as often, so that’s the reason I’m seeking a case with storage capabilites for CF; it would make things SO much more convenient!!

    And who woud buy a 2210 without wanting to use CF designed programs?

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