Innopocket Sync / Charge Cables for the Sony CLIÉ T & NR Series Review

Product Requirements:
Sony CLIÉ T & NR Series

I believe that a cradle definitely has its benefits, but there are times when
a cable is the preferable mode for your information’s transportation. Not only
are cables more portable than a cradle, but they are also much less expensive.

I was sent several models specifically for the CLIÉ T & NR series. The only
difference between these cables is either their lengths or their connectors.

So, without further ado, lets take a look at how they tested out…

USB HotSync Recharge Travel Cable

Picture courtesy of Innopocket website
The USB HotSync recharge travel cable is incredibly compact
at 6 inches. It performs a flawless hot-sync while charging my CLIÉ.

The only downside that I can find to its short length is that not all
laptops have their USB ports on the side. While my monster-sized Gateway has
conveniently placed ports on its side, I rarely if ever travel with that

Instead, I take my Fujitsu P2110 (also known as mini-mói,
to compliment Julie’s mini-me), which has both of its ports on the back.
This makes viewing the screen while charging slightly inconvenient, but
still do-able.

There is a small round button on the top of the portion that plugs into
your CLIE that will begin the hot-sync. If your PDA is turned off when you
decide to initiate a sync, then you will have to press the button twice. The
first press will turn on the CLIE, while the second will start the sync.

This little doodad has earned a permanent spot in my gear collection.

Price: $12.90


Extremely compact
Works like a charm, every time


If USB port is on the back of your laptop, it is not easy to see PDA screen
due to the short length

USB HotSync
Recharge Cable

Picture courtesy of Innopocket website
I suppose this version isn’t billed for "travel" because it
is five feet long, but don’t let that fool you. This cable is still easy to
pack, and if you have a laptop with USB ports on the back it might be the
cable you would rather use.

Otherwise, it is exactly the same as the
travel version I just told you about.

Price: $18.90


Works like a charm, every time



Serial HotSync

Picture courtesy of Innopocket website
Once again, this is a cable that isn’t billed for travel –
presumably because of its length. And once again, you shouldn’t let that
stop you from giving this cable a try if you need a serial connection.

While it may feel like the entire world has moved to USB, those that use
NT will appreciate the serial port end. Buying this cable should definitely
be preferable to putting out the cash for a serial cradle.

Price: $22.90


Works like a charm, every time



Every one of these cables is well made and should do the job for you, if and
when you are ready to go without a cradle.

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