Covertec SXSeries iPAQ Leather Case Review

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Product Requirements:
HP iPAQ 3600/3700/3800

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m one of the most anally retentive
people you’ll ever come across.  I religiously and rigorously use all of my
electronic equipment, but baby them to death.  I ache with each bump, jolt
and dent that I inevitably inflict on my stuff.  In fact, I recently
dropped my iPAQ 3765 from a height of about 24-30 inches on to the floor and
just ached and worried about it as it bounced.

In fact, it reminded me of a Bloom County cartoon where Oliver Wendell Jones
was walking across a field, pulling his Banana Jr. computer in his little red wagon. 
He accidentally rolled the wagon over a rock, and really jostled
the box.  Noticing that he’s possibly done damage to the computer, Oliver
runs back to the keyboard, frantically clacking away; and the computer responds,
"No, Oliver, my butt is fine."

That’s me to a tee.  Oh my goodness, I am such the geek.

When Julie asked me if I wanted to review some cases for her, I jumped at the
chance, because my iPAQ’s butt doesn’t need any more bumps and bruises. 
When I got the cases, I was pleasantly surprised.  The cases themselves are
packaged in a embossed black box.

Strangely, the
identical cases came in different sized boxes…

The Covertec SX05 iPAQ Leather Case is available in black red and gold. 
I received both red and gold cases.  The red is a raw umber color and isn’t
quite what I’d carry around.  The gold however, is a very nice
brownish-gold and is very good looking.

The Cases are
really very attractive…
Back of the
Bottom of the
SX05 with the cover closed.

Bottom  of
the case with the cover open.

The Covertec SXSeries Leather Case, model SX05, is extremely well made, and my iPAQ 3765 fits perfectly.  The
case itself doesn’t add a lot of bulk to the device, so carrying it in your
purse, shirt, coat or jacket pocket, should be a snap.  However, if you’re
looking for some sort of clip or buckle mechanism for the SX05, you’re going to
be disappointed.  I found it very difficult to carry my iPAQ in this case
because I always have too much in my hands (coffee cup/ water bottle, pens, note
pad, file folders, etc.) when going from my office to meeting rooms, and prefer wearing my
device off my belt with some sort of clip or buckled case.

A naked iPAQ

When you open the case, the first thing you notice is the flap covering the
business/ PC Card pockets on the inside of the front of the case.  This is
a great idea…providing a leather cover for the front of your device so that
your credit cards or various PC Cards don’t scratch your devices screen. 
However, I found this to be nothing more than a nuisance.  The flap isn’t
attached to the case, and after it fell out of the case 2-3 times when I opened
it, I wanted to pitch it and take me out of my misery.

The SX05 also has a long, leather back, that extends about 1/4 of an inch
past the bottom of the device, giving the back of the case a squared off look. 
Since it extends past the bottom of the device, I’m assuming its used to grasp
the case while the device is pulled from it.  Unfortunately, you’ll need to
do this a lot with the SX05, because while the case and the device fit in the
cradle, the device doesn’t sync with the case on. 

The SX05,

The base of the case’s magnetic snap is on the back and sits near the bottom of the lip and prevents it from
bending back far enough for the serial port to make contact with the cradle. 
I found this extremely frustrating, especially since the case and the device fit
in my docking cradle. However, the snap is very functional, and even though it
has a small protruding bump and matching recess on either end of the cases
closure flap and snap, these don’t have to meet for the case to stay closed. 
All they have to do is touch.  The magnet is fairly strong, and should
continue to keep your case closed even when you’ve got four or more credit cards
and some cash safely stashed in the SX05 along with your case.

All told, the SX05 isn’t bad for a naked iPAQ case; but I never use my iPAQ
without my PC Card Sleeve.  I’ve got a 802.11b wireless Ethernet PC Card at
the office, and a 2GB PC Card hard drive filled with MP3’s.  For me, while
I like the idea of a naked case for my iPAQ, it just isn’t practical. 
Unfortunately, Covertec also currently only offers the one style of case for the
iPAQ, the SX05, and only in the three colors I mentioned.

The Covertec web site was also
unavailable immediately after I received my cases, making it hard to see what
was available.  However, its been up for quite some time now, and you can
purchase your case online.  As these cases are so well made and so
reasonably priced, I plan to check back often and will most likely purchase one
once they offer one that supports my iPAQ + PC Card Sleeve and sports a buckle
or belt clip.

The SX05 with the
Leather Screen Cover removed.
My 3835 fits!

Price: $40.86 US

Quality Materials and Workmanship
Naked iPAQ Case
Plenty of Credit/ PC Card Pockets
Protective Flap between Card Pockets and iPAQ Screen

Protective Flap isn’t Sewn to the Case
Case is NON Synchable
No Clip or buckle options
Naked iPAQ Case
Limited Case Choices


Product Information

  • Affordable
  • Quality Materials and Workmanship
  • Naked iPAQ Case
  • Plenty of Credit/ PC Card Pockets
  • Protective Flap between Card Pockets and iPAQ Screen
  • Protective Flap isn't Sewn to the Case
  • Case is NON Synchable
  • No Clip or buckle options
  • Naked iPAQ Case
  • Limited Case Choices

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