Extreme Limit Toshiba e570 Body-Suit Case Review

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Product Requirements:
Toshiba e570 Pocket PC

Extreme Limit has sent me yet
another case to review. This time it is a Body-Suit for the Toshiba e570 Pocket
PC. This was a welcome review as I’ve not found many cases at all that are made
specifically for this PDA.

Created in play-through slipper style, this case is made of smooth thick
Black Italian leather with contrasting white stitching. Available in both a
vertical and horizontal style, I was sent the horizontal style to review.

The Body-Suit looks like a small diary or book with a snap tab closure. Upon
unsnapping the cover, it opens left to right with the PDA holster on the left
side of the case.

The Toshiba slides into the holster from the top and is held securely in
place with no fear of it slipping out accidentally. Two separate cutouts allow
access to the display and to the application buttons / joy pad.

The left side of the case has a rectangular cutout for the voice record
button and IR port. A small hole below this cutout allows access to the reset

The top of the PDA is exposed to allow for easy access to the earphone jack
and SD slot. Unfortunately, it is pretty much impossible to access the CF slot
as you can not open the cover while the PDA is in the case. The stylus is
equally difficult to access. Luckily the stylus problem is solved by the built-in stylus holder in the middle of the case.

The serial port at the bottom of the Toshiba is covered by a strip of leather
that is held in place with Velcro. This strip has a notch cutout to allow you to
plug in the AC adapter to charge the PDA. Unfortunately, you will need to either
removed the PDA or use a cable if you wish to sync with your PC while the PDA is
in the case.

The screen cover portion of the Body-Suit is reinforced with a stiffener to
help protect the screen from bumps. Three card slots are built into this cover.

The materials and workmanship that have gone into this case are top quality.
Even though the Body-Suit does add some thickness to the Toshiba, I like the style of this
case and the way it feels in my hand.


Price: ~$56.10 US no belt clip JYEN 7,000


Rigid screen protection
Custom design


Somewhat bulky

Must remove PDA to sync / charge with cradle


Product Information

Manufacturer:Extreme Limit

2 thoughts on “Extreme Limit Toshiba e570 Body-Suit Case Review”

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  2. Heh. I have this — used it for years. It’s a very useful clock — the batteries last a good long while, but you need to make sure to turn off the alarm before you leave in the morning, or the batteries will drain all day 😛 It’s a small price to pay to make sure that the clock doesn’t *not* go off in case of a power outage. It’s also nice and portable.

    Also, the backlight is a soothing green and doesn’t wreck night vision when you’re waking up at oh-dark-hundred.

    Anyway, it’s amusing to me that my alarm clock made it into the “New Gadget” section given how long I’ve been using it.

    (ps – I’m deaf, so there are probably a number of other cool-to-uninitiated-people accessibility gadgets floating around out there)

  3. I saw this product in a magazine and wasn’t surprised when I visited the site that it was a product marketed for deaf people. They had some other clocks with flashing lights that were cool too.

    I’ve often thought that I might like to have a doorbell that just flashes the lights in the room instead of having to hear an annoying DING DONG. Usually when I hear that sound, it makes me jump!

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