Rhinoskin Leather Flipcase for the Palm m100 Series Review

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Product Requirements:
Palm m100 series PDA

It took me a little bit of time to get used to the idea of leather cases being
made under the Rhinoskin name, but I am
definitely warming to the idea. Marking yet another departure from their famed
line of hard protective cases made of aluminum and titanium, Rhinoskin has
now come out with a
for the Palm m100 series PDA. This case is available in both brown
and black. For this review, I was presented with the brown version.


There are two perfectly placed windows in the front of the flip-cover to
allow access to the clock feature of the m100. Between these two windows is the
only ornamentation to the case – the Rhinoskin logo embossed in the smooth
grained leather. This case is comprised of the contrasting textures of smooth leather
accented with suede. A slightly lighter shade of brown is used for the

This case closes by use of a tab and snap system, with the flip-cover
fastening to the back side with a brass snap.

Without even opening the Rhinoskin, it is immediately apparent that there is
something special about the case that involves the back. Instead of locking the
consumer into either a belt-clip or non belt-clip model, Rhinoskin gives you the
option of sliding the included belt-clip into the fitted receiver by placing a 
piece of elastic above the slot to "lock in" the plastic clip tab.

I think that
under most usage this system should be reliable and safe; however my gut feeling is that if
you were to catch this case on something as you passed by, the elastic would
give enough to allow the
clip to come out of the slot – thereby tossing your m100 on the ground.


The good news is that this case is quite padded, and would most likely allow
your PDA to survive even a serious drop.

The clip that comes with the Rhinoskin is the type that
clamps onto your belt by pinching the top together. A large metal spring
provides the tension.

The plastic nub securely locks into the slider, and
is released by pressing a plunger – similar to other belt-clip styles you
may have seen in the past.


Here are the measurements for the Palm m100 while in the Rhinoskin Leather

  Weight Height Width (at bottom) Thickness
m100 in Rhinoskin 5.5oz (158g) 5.1" (12.9cm) 3.5" (8.9cm) 1.2" (3.0cm)

Opening the Rhinoskin is a sensual treat! The entire interior is lined in
chocolate suede, even the hidden part where your PDA nestles. The holster is cut
in such a manner that you have open access to all buttons and the screen on the
front of the m100. There are no funky "leather bars" cutting across the face or
button area of your PDA – yay!

The openings are perfectly lined up, and all the stitching is straight. This
looks like a quality case that could easily cost much more than this one does!


There is no questioning the workmanship that went into this Rhinoskin. There
is even nylon lining in the leather holster that contains your PDA, as a more
expensive Vaja would have, to ensure that the holster won’t stretch out over

The top of the Rhinoskin is left open to allow for insertion
and removal of your m100 series from the case, as well as to allow access to
the on/off button, infrared port, and the stylus.
The bottom of the case is left open so that you
can use your sync-cable with no problems. When you close the tab, locking
down the flip-lid, this port opening is mostly covered.

The only complaint I can imagine someone coming up with regarding this case
is the fact that there is no place to put an ID or credit card. Due to the
"windows" on the flip-lid, it would have been impractical to include any sort of
pocket. However, there is enough room between the m100 and the inside rear of
the Rhinoskin, so that if you wanted to, you could slide in a card or two.

Overall, I think that the Rhinoskin Leather Flipcase is an extremely well
made case for your Palm m100 series PDA. For the money, I don’t see how you can
go wrong.

Price: $34.95
Available in black and brown


Case looks sharp and expertly crafted
Can be either a belt clip or non-clip version with simple adjustment


No pocket for ID or credit cards


Product Information

  • Case looks sharp and expertly crafted
  • Can be either a belt clip or non-clip version with simple adjustment
  • No pocket for ID or credit cards

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