Rhinoskin Molded Aluminum Slider Palm V, m50x Case Review

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Product Requirements:
Palm Vx, V, m500, m505

Isn’t it crazy how time flies?! It seems like only yesterday when I wrote my
review of the Rhinoskin Titanium Cockpit case.
But in fact, it has been close to 3yrs. The Cockpit was the case that launched
Rhinoskin into the extreme PDA protection biz. It was also the grand daddy of
the Slider cases that we know today, and was the first hard case for the Palm.
Next came the Ti-Slider case, also
constructed of Titanium and still available today. People really love these
cases for their obvious protective benefits. But, at the same time, they are
expensive and heavy. As a solution to these two problems,
Rhinoskin created the same case in
aluminum which made it both lighter weight and less expensive.  This slider
case is available in the original ‘boxy’ style and now for those who might want
their case to have a little more pizzazz, a molded style.

The Molded Aluminum Slider Case is made of aircraft grade aluminum with a
brushed scratch resistant finish. I like aluminum much better than titanium due
to the fact that the brushed aluminum doesn’t show finger smudges and prints
like the titanium finish. Of course, titanium is much stronger and more crush
resistant than aluminum. Having said that, I find this aluminum slider case to
be very sturdy and rigid. I would have no worries about putting it in my back
pocket and sitting on it.

The front and back of the case are both molded with wide ribs that makes it
look similar to Zero Halliburton
attaché cases. You might even say that the ribs allow you to keep a better grip
on the case. They also give the case that really cool industrial look.

Size-wise, the aluminum slider is identical to the titanium version. But, you
can definitely feel a difference in the weight. Here’s how they compare:

Molded Aluminum Slider4.7 x 3.3 x 0.6 in2.6 oz
Titanium Slider4.7 x 3.3 x 0.6 in4.7 oz

As its name implies, this is a slider case. As such, the cover opens from
right to left like a book, but then can slide completely underneath the right
half of the case. This makes it quite compact and easy to handle while using the
PDA inside it. That’s really the main advantage that this case has over other
book style hard cases. I’ve always found the others a little awkward to hold and

The cover is held closed with two dimples on the bottom half of the case that
press fit into two small circular cutouts in the cover. This method feels really
secure and I don’t think the case would pop open on it’s own. One thing that I
have noticed is that while the cover is closed, it tends to rattle a bit. Things
like that tend to drive me nuts, but then I’m super picky. That said, I do think
this closure method is better than what Rhinoskin is using on their
molded hard cases.

Instead of using a stylus rail to hold the PDA in this case, there are thick
bumpers of neoprene at the bottom of the right side shell that you press the PDA
into. I tested this case with my Palm V and m505, and both fit fine.

The neoprene is a shock absorber that helps protect your PDA if you happen to
knock it about or even drop it. I’m not really sure how much protection this
lining will give you if you drop the case from more than a couple of feet
though because it is really thin and doesn’t seem to offer much padding at all.
The only other concern that I have is that the neoprene lining and bumpers
(which appear to be stuck to the case with adhesive) might peel away after
repeated insertion and removal of the PDA from the case.

When the PDA is in the case, you have access to all buttons, IR port, and
right stylus silo. On the other hand, what you don’t have access to is:
Palm V/Vx – Contrast button, hotsync port, left silo, and reset switch
Palm m500,m505 – SD card slot, hotsync port, left silo, and reset switch


(bottom view)

(hinge view)

(closure view)

Overall, the Molded Aluminum Slider is a nice case. It combines good looks
with ease of use, and offers good protection. If you can’t afford a titanium
slider, check out this case at half the price. It might just be the one for you.

Price: $49.95

Good looks
Cover slides under case for small footprint

Have to remove PDA to sync with cradle or cable
Cover rattles when closed


Product Information

  • Good looks
  • Cover slides under case for small footprint
  • Have to remove PDA to sync with cradle or cable
  • Cover rattles when closed

17 thoughts on “Rhinoskin Molded Aluminum Slider Palm V, m50x Case Review”

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  2. Awesome review, like normal. I do have a question about the new iPod itself. Does it have any form of Digital Rights Management like the old iPods? The reason I ask is I have a Nomad Jukebox Zen USB2.0 I love, but of course would like something smaller.

  3. It doesn’t have any rights management under Windows and as far as copying MP3s that I’ve already ripped. Now, if you buy MP3s from music sites (like iTunes for Macs), there is DRM to consider.

  4. Hi Julie. I’m a purchaser for a national retail chain and I too use my iPod as my main stereo at home. When I heard about the NaviPod, I knew I had to have it. I agree, the NaviPod is a great device, but there’s one thing missing that would have made it EXCELLENT (and also jack up the price) and that would be a small display on the remote to select playlists or albums. My speaker system is on the other side of my apartment. To change albums or playlists, I still have to get up and walk to the iPod (No, I’m not lazy I just don’t like to stop when working). If someone made a device that would essentially mimmick the control and display of the iPod. I’d buy it in an instant!

  5. heyy Julie .. just had a little question .. now that you’ve physically experienced the Navipod, you think the iTrip and Navipod could both work together simultaneously? (keeping in mind that the iTrip goes on the top of the iPod too)

  6. No, I really don’t see how they could work together as they both can’t be plugged into the iPod at the same time 😉

  7. hows the connection? is the IR really picky about having line of sight? if you point the remote in the opposite direction, does it still work? how about trying to use the IR remote while the ipod was in the car storage compartment? thanks.

  8. Yes, there has to be a line of sight for IR to work. It doesn’t have to be an exact line though, as the light can bounce off of objects and / or walls.

    If your iPod is in an enclosed compartment, the naviPod will not work.

  9. Why aren’t we just using our ipods *as* remotes-with FM transmitter options like iTrip and iRock that function even to 30ft?
    Is there a sound quality loss using such devices, say at 15ft?

    Can anyone comment on the sound quality difference between the iTrip to your stereo and the iPod with a naviPod ontop plugged into your stereo?

    I’m sure there is one, but is the iTrip/iRock giving people sound quality they are happy with?
    Cheers y’all,

  10. Nice gadget but it is flimsey. I dropped it a foot and a half onto a carpeted floor (by accident) and now it doesn’t work. 😡

  11. RoyMunson:

    I’m very surprised that it broke so easily… The one I have feels pretty robust. I would contact the company and give them a chance to make it right.

  12. I am going to bring it back to the Apple store where I bought it last week. I don’t think it should be a problem:o

  13. Good luck! If it’s only 1 week old, they should replace it with no questions asked. I bet there was a faulty connection somewhere and dropping it exacerbated the problem.

  14. Can I use the remote with 40 gig and 3 gig. It would be perfect to run my BOSE system in my kitchen and Beosound at the office if I could get away with buying one and use it with both ipods. My Best. Dan

  15. Yes, the naviPod should work just fine with the 40gig since it has the same connector. As for 3gig, did you really mean 30gig? Or are you talking about the mini? I don’t know if it will work with the mini or not since I don’t have one to test with.

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