Swiss Army Guide Case Review

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Product Requirements:
Palm III series (not including IIIc), Palm VII
series, Palm V series

Swiss Army PDA cases are one of the more unique line of cases available for
Palm Connected Organizers. What makes them unique is their special quick-release
clip for the Palm V series, Palm III series and Palm VII series PDAs. These
plastic clips allow you to snap the PDA in and out of the case without needing
to use Velcro as an attachment method.

This is a review of the Swiss Army Guide case. This case is made of a smooth
grained black Italian leather with black stitching and measures 9" X 5 3/4" when
open and 4" X 5 3/4 x 1" when closed.. The outside of the case is plain except
for a small Swiss Army logo that is embossed into the lower right corner of the
cover. The leather has a matte finish and looks very classy in both business and
casual settings.

A tab method is used to keep the cover securely closed. A leather tab slides
into a slot on the top cover of the case. It’s possible that the slot may become
stretched over time and with use. However, that’s purely speculation as I’ve not
had any problems with this happening during my review period. I usually prefer
cases that use a snap as the closure method, but I’m finding that I’m liking the
tab method. It doesn’t require you to put undue stress on the PDA when you are
trying to press the snaps together.

The Guide case opens like a book revealing the left side with card slots and
the right side which has the quick-release clip snaps and Velcro base. The left
side of the case has 4 credit card / business card slots. These slots are a nice
width which makes it easy to insert and remove cards. The bottom slot has a see
thru plastic window and a slide out plastic card sleeve. You can use this slot
for ID cards such as your drivers license. The slide out sleeve has a grip tab
so that you can pull out the card easily if someone needs a closer look at it.
Behind the card slots is a larger area that you can use for currency or folded

In the middle of the case is a slender pocket for a PDA stylus. This pocket
is especially useful when you are using the case with the Palm III and VII PDAs
which have their stylus silos on the back, making it difficult to remove while
attached to the case.

The right side of the case has a Velcro area and two female snaps. These
snaps mate with the quick-release clip snaps. The snaps used on this case are
very strong. I would have no worries that they  would become unattached

The Guide case comes with 3 different quick-release clips. One for each of
the PDAs that it supports with this attachment method. I tried these clips with
my Palm III, Palm VIIx and Palm V and found them relatively easy to snap on and
off. The clips are about 1.5in wide and snap on to the top and bottom edges of
each PDA. On the back of the clips are two large male snaps. The only downside
to using the quick-release clips is that you have to remove them if you want to
sync / charge in the cradle. It is unfortunate that clips were not included for the
Palm IIIc, m100 and m500 series PDAs as well.

If you don’t want to use the quick-release clips, you can use Velcro to
attach your PDA to the case. A long strip is included with the case. This also
allows you to use the Swiss Army Guide case with PDAs other than the ones
compatible with the clips.

You might be wondering what type of protection this case will give your PDA.
Although it doesn’t seem to be padded, the both the front and back covers of the case
are quite stiff and
should protect the PDA from everyday bumps and bruises. That said, it should be
noted that this is a book style case and as such, three sides of the PDA are
always exposed.

The Swiss Army Guide case is made really well. The materials that have gone
into creation of this case are all high quality. I couldn’t find any
manufacturing defects at all. If you want a nice looking case that can double as
your wallet, this might be the case for you.

Price: $50.00 (available at
StylusCentral and other PDA

Quick-release clips hold PDA securely in place without Velcro

Clips for the Palm IIIc, m100, and m500 series PDAs were not included


Product Information

Manufacturer:Swiss Army
  • Quick-release clips hold PDA securely in place without Velcro
  • Clips for the Palm IIIc, m100, and m500 series PDAs were not included

5 thoughts on “Swiss Army Guide Case Review”

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  2. Judie
    I wondered when you would break down and buy the NZ 90
    I traded in my N 70 also. As you I too ordered a case the the V,
    I find a standard of quality in all their cases that make the money
    thing go down easer.

    Item 2 Do you think the styles on the NZ90 is Funky . I have lost it twice already. I just put in an order for a case for my new H555
    The V Co. can thank your case review and consistant quality for my orders. I also use the V Co. for my christmas shopping. They have just what is needed for the gadgeteer to bring that child like grin when they open the box

    Nice review once again, Hope to see you and Julie at comdex this year.


  3. Laurence,

    I agree tht the NZ90’s stylus is funky. I only use it for quick jots – for more intensive data entry or game-play, I use my Delta stylus.

    Otherwise, the NZ90 is a top rate PDA!

    Re. COMDEX: Julie and I are going to CES for sure, so we may not make it to COMDEX this time.

    Judie :0)

  4. One think about the NZ I was amazed at the photo quality. and at the rate the cam can suck the battery dry.

    I hope that the unit is popular, the cost is high. I also worr about the door breaking off. I was surprised at how well the V case fit. These guys got it down when it comes to cases. Have you ever met any one from the Co ? How much influence does the gadgeteers have with them ?

    Where is CES this year, will you have a set up metting for the gadgeteers ??

    Do you still like your scott Vest, I want to check them out at the next mobile plannet Gig, you think they are worth it ?


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