Judie’s Gear Diary – 2001-05-11

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Well, Julie & I have both received our upgraded (64MB!!) iPAQs from Mack at times2tech. Unbelievable! We should have a review for this FAB service up later tonight. Knowing that it voids Compaq’s warranty, I was nervous about performing the new ROM upgrade…and sure enough, I had problems. I actually SAW the “Blue Screen of Death”, and almost had a heart attack!! Thanks to Dale Coffing’s excellent walk-through for the ROM upgrade, I was able to complete the upgrade without further distress. Thanks Dale!!!
Like everyone else, I have a Clie on order. I imagine it will be replacing my Palm IIIc in my gear bag – if I ever get it!
I am also still waiting for the CYPAQ/Compaq dual PCMCIA expansion sleeve…
Of course, now that I have 64MB built in, I am looking for the finest case I can find for my naked iPAQ…Orbino says they will be making one. I can’t wait to see it!

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