Rotring 600 Review

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Product Requirements:
Any touch screen device

The Rotring 600 Trio-Pen, available from Stylus Central, could almost be described as a substitute weapon – it actually
resembles a self-defense tool that I was given as a gift years ago. It has the
heft, and the shape of an eyeball poker! J

This Rotring is actually a very functional multi-pen, with an industrial look
to it. The top of the barrel, and the bottom where you grasp it, are smooth and
round. The middle of the barrel is a long hexagonal shaft. Around the top edge
is the distinctive red band that all Rotrings have, and right next to that band
is the unique twist-action way to depress whichever tip you happen to be using.

This multi-pen comes in either a matte black or matte silver finish. For this
review, I will be showing pictures of the silver pen. You will notice that like
the other high-end Rotrings, the 600 Trio comes with a great gift case.

As the name implies, there are three tips included in the 600 Trio: a blue
ballpoint (which you can replace with black, should you prefer), a 0.7
mechanical pencil, and a yellow pointy-tip stylus. The red ink cartridge that
was replaced by the stylus is also included in the package.

One excellent feature of this multi-pen is the fact that because it has a 0.7
mechanical pencil, it is therefore an excellent gift for college students who
may have tests involving the use of #2 pencils and Scantron sheets.

I am pleased to say that the mechanical pencil works perfectly every time.

This Rotring comes with a wide pocket clip; however, this clip looks like it
could be removed, should you prefer.

As with most other multi-pens, you simply rotate the shaft of the pen until
the icon for the tip you want to use is facing up. Then you press the top
cylindrical cap, which also hides the eraser, to eject your choice.

The only thing that I would improve on this system, would be to find a way that
you could get the eraser cap off easier when the pencil was extended. There is
such a small end sticking out, that you are forced to retract the tip before you
can remove the cap. A small gripe, I know, but there it is…

When you pick the 600 Trio up for the first time, you will most likely be
either impressed or dismayed by the sheer weight of the pen. It is
chrome-covered brass, so it definitely has some heft to it. It seems a little
bit top-heavy, but once in use, I actually found it to be well balanced and
comfortable for extended writing.

All in all, this is a pen that you will either really like or not, due to it’s
strong styling and weight. Personally, I really like it.


Price: $69


Appealing industrial design




Product Information

Manufacturer:Stylus Central
  • Appealing industrial design
  • Expensive

3 thoughts on “Rotring 600 Review”

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  2. It is undisputable the high-class design and quality control ROTRING offers to its clients. I advance that all my design stuff is ROTRING.
    I refer to my experience with the model 600. I got two, both of them got broken in the first week of use! One got the pilot beak broken, the second got the thread broken. Since no garanty was given, unwillingly, I replaced them by another brand, much less expensive, that woks without trouble.
    It was a very unpleasant experience with the ROTRING 600.

  3. I had this pen and used it daily for about 3 years. Sadly, it was lost about a year ago. At one point it was damaged and replaced for free. Great product, great service. I replaced it with a rotring 600 .5 mm pencil and a space pen that fits in my wallet. I must say this is a much better combination. When I had the Trio I lived in fear of losing it.

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