Curtis Leather Fliptop Case Review

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The Curtis Leather Fliptop Case is a leather, flip-top, play-through case from Curtis
(however, the inscription on the back of the case says “Calise'(r) Full Grain Genuine

I bought it from Micro Warehouse but it seemed
to be gone from their catalog when I last checked (couple of minutes ago). Price:
$19.95 plus Shipping and Handling ($7??) I looked up the old catalog (volume 62c) and the
model number turns out to be AC24336.

The measurements are: width 3 3/8″, height 5″, and thickness 1 1/8″
(closed), which is barely larger than the PalmPilot itself. I didn’t try it with the
PalmIII, but it may fit (maybe a little bit loose).

A small Velcro on the fliptop cover and the bottom of the case holds the fliptop in
place when closed (see figure 1). The pilot simply slides into (see figure 2) the case
without any Velcro or messy stuff, and stays put very well. The fliptop is padded (but not
rigid), and the side and back are all leather, with rigid hardboard inside. It can be
folded all the way to the back. Although the flip-top is not rigid, it is good enough for
my purpose. I put in in my backpack all the time, without any damage to the pilot — so

The buttons (including the power button) are fully exposed , and unlike other
play-through cases, there’s no stitch on the top side edges and no extra leather strips
crossing the pilot above the buttons below the graffiti area, making the whole case
compact and neat (figure 3). Also, there is an opening for the contrast wheel (see figure
2 and 3), and a slit for the stylus silo (figure 1 and 3).


Figure 1. The Curtis Fliptop Case


There is a small compartment with transparent vinyl to hold a single (or maybe two)
business card, which is almost useless — maybe you can put your GRAFFITI reference card
in here. The slit is on the top of the fliptop, near the Velcro. You can actually slide in
a couple of those in the back of the pilot as well.



Figure 2. The Curtis Fliptop Case : Sliding in the pilot


I like this case, and use it all the time. The main reason is that unlike the slip case
that comes with the pilot, the top of the pilot is protected, and the dimension of the
case is almost the same as the slip case (just add the thickness of the fliptop to that).



Figure 3. The Curtis Fliptop Case : Button area, and side views (left and right


BTW, the white stuff standing out on the graffiti area is the 3M non-stick tape (711??)
to protect the area from scratches, etc.

Price: $19.95

well-made, compact, play-through, easy access to all buttons, etc.

non-rigid fliptop, have to remove from case to hotsync.



Product Information

  • well-made, compact, play-through, easy access to all buttons, etc.
  • non-rigid fliptop, have to remove from case to hotsync.

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