AutoPoint Stylus+ Review


The Stylus+ from Autopoint
is a stylus/pen/pencil designed for use with any PDA or HPC. As with most similar
products, there is a .05 pencil with an eraser behind the cap at the end. The Stylus+
comes in only one color, black, and will be available at OfficeMax stores around the

The Stylus+ is very lightweight, and although I like a heavier pen, it feels good in
your hand. To get the different tips, you turn the pen so that the little graphical
symbols for either the pencil, pen, or the stylus faces up, then click the end cap. A
button on the clip retracts the tips. I prefer the pen types that rotate to output the
different tips over this type, because in both cases you have to rotate them anyway. And
if you don’t have the graphical symbol in exactly the right place, it will give you the
wrong tip. Many times, I had the pen positioned such that it was in the middle of two
symbols, and it would give a different tip each time.

stylus+.jpg (27511 bytes)

The end cap that covers the eraser was very easy to remove, and it has a .175 inch
diameter pink eraser. The pen diameter is .4 inches, which is typical for this type of
stylus/pen/pencil device.

Although it scores high on my “click factor” scale, it tends to rattle a lot
when the tips are retracted. When the pencil or the pen was used, both were sturdy and
smooth. The stylus tip, while better than the “toothpick” that comes with the
PalmPilot, was not the best that I’ve tested. The pen was easy to take apart and put back
together, something you’ll need to do to replace the ink cartridge or lead.

The Stylus+ is an attractive stylus/pen/pencil, but it seems to be priced a bit higher
than most similar styled stylus/pen/pencil combo devices.

Price: $30.00 (suggested retail price) $14.99 thru Office Max


Rattles when tips are retracted.
Cost more than similar pens.


Product Information

  • Attractive
  • Lightweight
  • Rattles when tips are retracted.
  • Cost more than similar pens.

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