Julie’s Gear Diary – 1998-12-23

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I took my Newton MP2000 with me to a family Christmas gathering this past weekend. It sure came in handy with keeping a 13yr old boy and 6yr old girl occupied. They had never seen a Newton before and figured out how to use it very quickly. They both kept fighting over who could play with it next. Luckily I had a Battleship game installed where they could play together 🙂

Then I had to listen to a relative rant and rave that computers were the worst idea that was ever thought up… we rely on them too much… Y2K will cause all computers to blow up…. yadda, yadda, yadda… I think he was just jealous that he didn’t have a handheld computer that could make kids be quiet and sing Jingle Bells using text-to-speech!

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