Julie’s Gear Diary – 1998-10-20

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I received several nifty gadgets in the mail recently. Look for reviews of PDA Panache’s latest stylus offerings (one of them even has a laser pointer!), Vista Imaging’s webcam, the CVideo-Mail Pro webcam, and the PDA Pocket PalmPilot beltcase.
I just switched from using the AutoPoint+ 3in1 stylus to the new Trio-1 stylus from PDA Panache. Look for a review of this stylus along with their other new styli later this week.
Someone sent me an email today asking about the Money Manager program that I use and wanted to know where to find it. Since Stingersoft isn’t in business anymore, I wonder if I should be switching to another checkbook type program. Let me know which ones you like best and maybe I’ll do a roundup review of them.

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