Devian DV9 Pilot Case Review

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The DVP9 case by Devian is a play-through black leather snap case. It uses a leather yoke to hold the Pilot in place and doesn’t require that evil Velcro to be attached to your PDA :-). It does use a Velcro tab to hold the Pilot in the yoke… which is acceptable. The case is also nicely padded and feels comfortable to hold.

The DV9 doesn’t add much to the width of the Pilot, but it does add to the length and thickness. The approximate dimensions are 5 1/4″x3 1/2″ x 1 1/4″ The case can still fit in a man’s shirt pocket, but it is just a bit snug and sticks out about 1/2″.

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The case looks like it was designed for both a PalmPilot and a Palm III. I found that even though a Palm III would fit in the yoke, the app buttons cutout and contrast wheel cutout didn’t quite match up correctly. It was also a bit harder to snap the cover closed when using the case with a Palm III. The cover which has a stiffener in it to protect your screen, is held closed with 2 metal snaps. There is also one card slot in the cover that you can use to hold a few business cards. This card slot is pretty tight so getting cards into and out of it can be a little difficult.

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Stylus cutout on a Palm III.

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A nice feature of this case is the cutout for the hotsync port. This allows you to sync with your PC using a hotsync cable or The Bridge without taking the Pilot out of the case. The DVP9 also has an opening in the velcroed holder that allows you to use your IR port on a Palm III or PalmPilot with the 2mb upgrade board. Access to the stylus holder is fine on a PalmPilot but slightly difficult on a Palm III.

The leather and stitching are of very high quality. One thing that I didn’t like is that the snap cover is a tight fit. It does snap shut, but takes a bit of work. I found no difference using a PalmPilot or Palm III with regards to the ease of snapping the case closed. Both were equally difficult.

If you’re looking for a quality leather case that will fit in your shirt pocket, then the Devian DVP9 case is for you.


Product Information

  • No Velcro.
  • Hotsync without removing Pilot from case by using a hotsync cable.
  • Palm III not quite compatible.
  • Cover is a tight fit to snap closed.

7 thoughts on “Devian DV9 Pilot Case Review”

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  2. I bought the Data Power Package about 5 weeks ago for my Clie NR70/V. Since I received the package, the connection between the emergency power charger and the universal connector for the Clie has been tentative at best. Recently, it stopped charging by Clie despite both telltale lights indicating a current from the outlet to the emergency power charger. I think that the “universal connector” is poorly made and have requested that Seidio replace my order with the G2 (generation 2) Data Power Package – reviewed here.

  3. I bought the Seidio Data Package last August. It’s very useful to me on trips — I can carry just the one package and charge my m515 lots of different ways. Frequently, in not-so-modern motel/hotel accomodations (where there are no readily available wall sockets!) being able to recharge from a 9v battery is most useful.

    Recently I have been having trouble with the wall socket to m515 charging connection. I sent a message to Seido Support using thier website, received a same-day reply, did some debugging with them, and they’re going to replace my USB cable, at least for a start. They said they’d replace whatever I wasn’t happy with, but thought the cable was the problem. That was my diagnosis too, so we’re going to try that. They sent me an RMA number on a one day turnaround — not bad!

    I’m not too happy with the case (Judie liked it!). It’s got that funky curve to it, so it doesn’t max-pack in my suitcase. Still, it’s stylish, I guess. I’d prefer rectangular.

    All in all: Good product, good people!:D

  4. Hmm, this would be a good kit to put the boxwave minisync into… you’d just have to take the “USB is power” focus instead 🙂

  5. I got a ‘USB’ version of the G2 kit, and I am returning it.

    a.) The case shown in the Gadgeteer case is the case it comes with- it is a pretty big case! Plenty of room for other accessories if desired, but too big for packing in my gear bag.

    b.) In order to sync and charge my families PDA’s (Sony T665, Sony N710, Visor Neo, Visor Solo), I need the basic kit, PLUS a hot sync cable for the N710 and Visors, AND an interchangeable ‘head’ for the 9v charger for the N710. Besides the $50 for the 5 piece kit, I need to spend another $50 for the other necessary parts. Yuck.

    It is not a lot better to get the ‘standard G2 kit- the only sync cable there is a shortie with a molded in head, so you still need an assortment of cables.

    c.) The new 2-in-1 charger feels a bit ‘toy-like’ to me and is awkward in some plugs.

    I am also getting frustrated over contacting the company- no response to some e-mails, no one answering the phone, and not returning voice mails.

    My 2 cents worth!

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