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The Wrap5 MKII case by Innovations to Industry is a leather case for the PalmPilot. What makes this case different from alot of the other
Pilot cases is its unique belt clip.  The clip is separate from the actual case. It slides on to your belt and stays there. The Wrap5 can then be attached or removed from the clip as needed. Another feature of the clip is that it allows the Wrap5 to swivel on the clip. Because of this feature, you can rotate the case horizontally when you sit down to make it more comfortable to wear.

wrap5 wrap5clip2 wrap5open

The Pilot can be kept in the case with or without the supplied Velcro. During my review I used the Velcro which I attached to the top of the memory door on the Pilot. The Wrap5 has two strips of Velcro so that you can turn the Pilot so that the case opens like a notebook or so that the case opens towards you. I personally preferred it opening away from me like a notebook. Using the Pilot while it was attached to the case was not a problem including removing the stylus.

The Wrap5 is made of very nice Indian calf leather. The inside of the case is lined in black and has 2 credit card slots. The front and rear of the case are very stiff. I don’t think you’d have to worry about anything damaging the  Pilot’s screen while using this case. The case is opened and closed via a zipper. I didn’t have any problems using the zipper. It never hung up or got stuck on the corners of the case. The stitching is also top quality.

Attaching the belt clip is just a matter of sliding it onto your belt.  A 1 1/2 inch wide belt is about the largest that can be used with this clip.  After the clip is on your belt, the Wrap5 can then be slid onto the clip and clicked in place. It’s very easy to attach and from tugging up and down on it, I don’t think it would come off the clip on its own. It felt very secure.


Removing the case from the clip is another story though.  For me it felt awkward and unnatural. I was hoping that I could remove the case using one hand but for me it required both hands. To remove the case, it requires you to press the release buttons on each side of the clip. That requires the use of your index finger and thumb. I used one hand to press the release and one hand to remove the case.

wrap5clip wrap5detach1 wrap5detach2

I had a friend try it and she was able to just use one hand to remove the case. See the last picture on the right above.  This just didn’t feel comfortable to me and I felt like I could drop the case trying to remove it that way.

I think the idea of this case is great.  I like the separate clip. But, I think the release mechanism should be improved. Something on the line of the type of clips that the police use for their radios. With those type of clips you insert the device and turn it to lock it onto the clip. Removing it requires the opposite maneuver.

In summary, this is a very nice case. It’s made well and looks great. If you can get used to the clip, you’ll love it.

Price: £21.00 (check current exchange rates before ordering)
Construction: A
Ease of Use: B
Overall Rating: A-


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