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I don't travel across time zones that often and I don't have Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) issues that some people get during the dreary winter months. But what I do deal with is a slight sleep deficit because I get a little less than 7 hours of sleep on weeknights.  Unfortunately, I can't do caffeine, so… Read More

Apple has finally rolled out Night Shift on the newest update to macOS Sierra. Night Shift is a program that gradually removes the blue light of your display to help relieve eye strain and help you sleep better. A similar program, f.lux, has been available cross-platform for a while now, but Apple decided to include a… Read More

Researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technolgy, Atlanta, Georgia and Electronics Engineering Department, Isik University, Istanbul, Turkey, developed this tiny chip (approximately 1.5 mm) on a flexible catheter (about 430 microns) that will allow heart surgeons to view a complete real-time 3-D image of heart and blood vessel blockages and allow the surgeons to attend… Read More

When several people use the same faucet, you never know what water temperature you might experience when it's your turn. With the LightInTheBox Temperature Sensitive Single Handle Centerset LED Lavatory Faucet, you no longer have to whip your hand in and out and risk scalding your skin to see if the water might be too… Read More

I have been a sportster/athlete most of my life, enjoying tennis, running, karate, basketball, etc. When I was younger, I did a poor job of drinking enough water to stay hydrated. Horribly so, but youth allowed me to power thru 99% of the time. As I have gotten older, I do a much better job… Read More

If you're an athlete or you work out on a regular basis, you know what it's like to have sore muscles. Even I get achy muscles with my lame attempts to keep in shape. Finding a way to soothe your aches and pains is important if you want to be ready to tackle the next… Read More

We've been covering Misfit fitness tracking wearable devices since the original Misfit Shine that I reviewed back in 2013. Misfit trackers have evolved since the Shine and in the next few months, we'll be seeing a brand new device from Misfit that looks like their most ambitious activity tracking wearable so far. The Misfit Vapor… Read More

Have you ever gone on a trip and had to pack all your bottles of medications and supplements only to find they take up too much space? The PillSuite helps eliminate that problem. This system allows you to organize your daily pills into a pill organizer which has a spout on the lid so that… Read More

I just received a notification in my email about a new Withings fitness tracking device. The Steel HR looks similar to some of Withings other analog fitness tracking watches like the Withings Activite Pop activity and sleep tracking watch that I reviewed last summer. The Steel HR features a small circular digital screen on the… Read More

For those of us who live in northern climates, typically our golf games are in hibernation during the winter months.  Indoor golf simulators are a potential solution to keeping our games sharp, but the cost and space requirements are significant barriers to home simulator ownership. The Ti.ttle X IoT Golf Simulator attempts to break these… Read More

When was the last time you felt a tickle in your throat and thought to yourself "I wonder if I just need some water or if I've contracted the Spanish Flu." So out of curiosity, you pop online and throw a few symptoms into a search, including that mildly irregular heartbeat you just noticed, and… Read More

So many people seem to be sporting fitness trackers on their wrists from popular makers like Misfit and Fitbit. These trackers help you keep track of your daily activity (steps, running, calorie burn, etc)  and some even track your heart rate. The LifeTrak Zoom HRV goes even further by tracking your HRV which stands for… Read More

Counting your steps and even your heart rate are features that are available in several of the most popular fitness trackers that are currently on the market. But does tracking your daily steps and heart rate really give you an accurate picture of how healthy you are? They obviously provide important data, but the Zoom… Read More

Water drinkers have many choices of shape, size, and materials when it comes to water bottles.  There are plastic bottles, glass bottles, and metal bottles. Today I'm going to tell you about the DYLN Living Water Bottle which is made of stainless steel and has a feature that the majority of other water bottles do not… Read More

Here's something cool that I haven't seen before... digital decorations. AtmosFX sells DVDs and downloads for holidays and special events like this Sunday's Super Bowl. DVDs with holiday animations that you can display on your TV or monitor aren't exactly new, but when you pair AtmosFX's digital decorations with a projector, some translucent fabric, and… Read More