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For those of us who live in northern climates, typically our golf games are in hibernation during the winter months.  Indoor golf simulators are a potential solution to keeping our games sharp, but the cost and space requirements are significant barriers to home simulator ownership. The Ti.ttle X IoT Golf Simulator attempts to break these… Read More

When was the last time you felt a tickle in your throat and thought to yourself "I wonder if I just need some water or if I've contracted the Spanish Flu." So out of curiosity, you pop online and throw a few symptoms into a search, including that mildly irregular heartbeat you just noticed, and… Read More

So many people seem to be sporting fitness trackers on their wrists from popular makers like Misfit and Fitbit. These trackers help you keep track of your daily activity (steps, running, calorie burn, etc)  and some even track your heart rate. The LifeTrak Zoom HRV goes even further by tracking your HRV which stands for… Read More

Counting your steps and even your heart rate are features that are available in several of the most popular fitness trackers that are currently on the market. But does tracking your daily steps and heart rate really give you an accurate picture of how healthy you are? They obviously provide important data, but the Zoom… Read More

Water drinkers have many choices of shape, size, and materials when it comes to water bottles.  There are plastic bottles, glass bottles, and metal bottles. Today I'm going to tell you about the DYLN Living Water Bottle which is made of stainless steel and has a feature that the majority of other water bottles do not… Read More

Here's something cool that I haven't seen before... digital decorations. AtmosFX sells DVDs and downloads for holidays and special events like this Sunday's Super Bowl. DVDs with holiday animations that you can display on your TV or monitor aren't exactly new, but when you pair AtmosFX's digital decorations with a projector, some translucent fabric, and… Read More

Are you steady on your feet or does your balance need some improvement? Would you like to add an extra element to your workout to increase your core strength without purchasing a large piece of exercise equipment? The Pono Ola Balance Board might be what you need. Let's take a look. The Pono Ola is a… Read More

Cities everywhere have bike share programs, but the people who use them often do not use helmets. The EcoHelmet, designed by Isis Shiffer, is a recyclable, inexpensive solution designed to fill that need. It is made with "waterproofed [biodegradable coating lasts three hours] recycled paper in a radial honeycomb pattern" and one size generally fits… Read More

Dental hygiene is important if you don't want to end up wearing dentures when you get older. Brushing and flossing your teeth every day are habits that should be cultivated at a young age. If that's a habit that you still struggle with, the Flosstime automatic floss dispenser may be the right gadget to help… Read More

2016 marked the beginning of the end for many electronic ports that we have all come to know and love. Change is difficult but this consolidation and optimization of ports will ultimately mean thinner, lighter devices. The most controversial loss was Apple's "brave" iPhone 7/7+ decision to ditch the headphone port that has been with… Read More

In 2004 I was diagnosed with diabetes. Yay me! I immediately cut out as much sugar as possible from my diet and have been lucky enough not to have to go on insulin or other medications to manage the condition. Just using diet and exercise doesn't mean I ignore the fact that I'm a diabetic though… Read More

Choosing a wearable fitness tracker isn't an easy task when there are so many different devices on the market to pick from. You can go with one of the popular trackers from brands like Fitbit, Withings or Misfit if you're ok with spending more than $60 for their lowest end device. Or you can check out… Read More

How are your oral habits? Do you floss your teeth at least once a day? I'll admit that I have a really hard time sticking to the habit. For me, it's a combination of forgetting and just being lazy. Can a gadget help me and you be more proactive with our oral hygiene tasks? Flosstime… Read More

Low iron levels in your blood can make you feel dizzy, fatigued, and lightheaded, not to mention causing a fast heart rate, shortness of breath and other unpleasant side effects. One way to increase your levels is to take an iron supplement. But if you aren't a fan of adding more pills to your diet… Read More

I have been wearing toed socks daily and toed shoes to workout while on travel for years. Truth be told, I love the way toed socks feel in all types of footwear. The minimalistic toed shoes are excellent while living from a suitcase cause they take up much less volume than regular fitness/running shoes while still getting… Read More