Pyramid Distribution is now offering a Lightning cable that works as a sync/charge or charge-only cable


A couple of months ago, we told you about a microUSB cable for Android devices that could act as a normal sync/charge cable, or it could protect your device from unwanted data exchange while you are charging at a public charging station and charge your device faster, as well.  Now Pyramid Distribution has a Lightning cable that gives the same benefits to Apple users.  The Bench 2X Faster Apple Lightning To USB Sync Charger Data Cable is Apple MFI certified, so you know it will work.  You can use the Bench cable as a normal cable to sync and charge your Apple device.  When you need to charge up at a public charging station, switch the cable to the DouBleTime mode to prevent malware transfer to your device or data grabs from it.  The DouBleTime mode has the added benefit of faster charging, up to 2000mAh, because none of the incoming power is being diverted to sync functions.  The Bench 2X Faster Apple Lightning To USB Sync Charger Data Cable is $19.99 at Pyramid Distribution.

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  • Forrester August 27, 2014, 9:45 am

    I just came here to say that Pyramid Distribution sounds like a term one would read in a Wikipedia article about Amway.

  • Dan Pierce August 27, 2014, 6:25 pm

    Since iOS 7, when you connect an iOS device to a computer, a dialog box pops up on the phone asking if you trust the computer. Unless you say okay, nothing can be accessed. This cable seems redundant.


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