Keep an eye on how much you’ve had to drink with this watch



Tokyoflash Japan has issued a new version of their Kisai Intoxicated watch.  This version has a comfortable silicone band and ABS plastic case in your choice of black or white, but it still has a breathalyzer function that can give you an estimation of your intoxication and a Sobriety Game that tests your reflexes.  The watch has an always-on LCD display and multi-colored backlights.  As always, Tokyoflash Japan is offering the Intoxicated watch at special pricing during the first 48 hours of release.  It will be $109 until Friday, December 6th at 11:00am Japan time.

P. S. Everybody at The Gadgeteer loves our readers and want to continue “seeing” you here.  Be extra safe at the parties and celebrations this holiday season; select a designated driver, or be one yourself, to make sure everyone gets home safely.  The Intoxicated watch will still look great on your arm!

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