Make a stand with the Urban Prefer SINE Cable Stand


Many of the device stands that are on the market are larger and bulkier than they need to be to get the job done. The SINE Cable Stand from Urban Prefer is a compact triangle shaped wedge that not onlyprops up your iPhone at a convenient angle to view the display, but it also can be used to hold your USB charging cable when it’s not being used. Available in 7 colors, the SINE Cable Stand features a slot for the end 30-pin USB cable. A small adapter is included if you have a newer iPhone with a Lightening connector. The $18.99 price tag isn’t too bad, but there is one caveat… Shipping for one SINE Cable Stand is $14. Ouch. If you like the idea, but not the price, it would probably be very easy to make something similar on your own. A piece of cardboard cut into a triangle shape with a slot for the cable. Done. You’re welcome 🙂

Julie Strietelmeier

I've been obsessed with gadgets, gizmos since I was a little kid. Other interests include ukuleles, photography, and minimalism.

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