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mophie juice pack helium – “lighter than air” power for your iPhone 5

on February 11, 2013 1:00 pm


We’ve reviewed mophie battery cases at The Gadgeteer in the past.  I had the chance to review a juice pack case for my iPod touch, and I found it was a compact case with a lot of reserve power to keep my surfing and tunes going all day.  mophie is now introducing the juice pack helium for the iPhone 5.  Just like the iPhone 5, the new helium case is thin and light – 13% thinner than previous juice pack models.  The 1500mAh battery packs 80% more power than previous batteries.  You’ll have up to 6 additional hours of talk time (3G), or 6 more hours internet time over 3G or LTE or 7 more on WiFi, 7 more hours of video, or 30 more hours of music.  The case protects your iPhone, and it has forward-pointing audio ports to redirect the sound from the iPhone 5’s speakers toward you.

You can pre-order the mophie juice pack helium now for $79.95.  The Dark Metallic will begin shipping on February 25; the Silver ships at the beginning of March.


  1. 1
    Walter Marlin says:

    When will Mophie release the Juice Pak Pro for the iPhone 5 ? I currently have an iphone 4s . I’m waiting to upgrade to an iphone 5 , but ONLY with a Mophie Juice Pak Pro w/ 2500 may back-up battery …still waiting .

  2. 2
    Andrew Lewis says:

    They do not mention very well that the headphonejack requires an adapter on the new models for iphone 5… disappointing!

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