Eversense smartphone controlled thermostat uses GPS to know when to change temps


We’ve been seeing quite a few WiFi controlled thermostats this year. I’m still using the Venstar ColorTouch thermostat which I installed this past summer. It does everything I need a thermostat to do including remote control via a smartphone or tablet. But the Eversense thermostat from Allure Energy takes things to another level. It uses GPS and an iOS or Android app to know when you’ve left the house so it can automatically adjust the temperature. It also knows when you’re returning home so it can make the house comfortable for you when you get there. Other features include a touch screen LCD that displays images and weather, and it is also has a music streaming feature so that you can come home to your favorite song. My only question is how does the thermostat handle a multiple person household? For example, if you are the person with the smartphone/app and you leave the house, will the thermostat “know” that the rest of your family is still in the house?

The first generation of Eversense was introduced at CES last year and will be available through Amazon in February 2013. Generation 2 premieres at CES next week. At this time I can’t find info on pricing for either model.

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