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Stuffa Jacket – Up for pre-order – Stuff it!

on November 11, 2012 10:00 am

We first reported on the Stuffa Jacket back in August; it’s a jacket that with multiple pockets built into it that allows you to stuff it with up to 5 kg  (11 lb) of clothes and other items. Well the Stuffa Jacket’s now up for pre-order.

Currently available in black for men and red for women, it’s available for a special pre-order price of £69.99 ($112 ) with normal retail being £95 ($152). Expected delivery date is 30 November.

Can something like this replace the gadget bag or airline carry on bag?


  1. 1
    digi_owl says:

    Seems more aimed towards clothes than gadgets, and i do wonder how warm it will be during the brighter parts of the year.

  2. 2
    anson says:

    neat concept to replace your carry-on luggage… however i wouldn’t want to stuff all my dirty laundry back into the vest for the return trip ;)

  3. 4
    Ian Lim says:

    @anson – Methinks one pocket might have to be filled with zip-loc bags (preferable non-see through ) :)

  4. 5
    digi_owl says:

    That is their exact suggesting in the packing guide, wrap the dirties in plastic bags.

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