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InaTrap High-Tech Insect Trap Keeps Mosquitos From Ruining Your Cookout

on June 17, 2012 5:08 pm

The InaTrap from Acase is a futuristic looking LED lamp that attracts those nasty blood sucking mosquitos and traps them without having to use harmful sprays, chemicals or even propane gas. A noiseless built-in fan produces a small amount of carbon dioxide to lure the mosquitos and then sucks them into the trap. It features an 8 hour built-in timer, easy clean design and an instant touch power button. The InaTrap is available now through Amazon for $89.50. I wonder if this device works better than good old Citronella candles?


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    1000Acres says:

    Interesting… I wonder if this works better than the ‘fantastic’ $500 Mosquito Magnet that guzzled propane and expensive ‘mosquito lure’ and trapped all of about 5 mosquitos? Mosquitos are so annoying, they really bring out the fringe group.

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