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Bumpy Photo Turns Your Favorite SnapShot Into a 3D Sculpture

on March 28, 2012 2:00 pm

We’ve featured many creative ways that you can share your favorite pictures with friends and family, through photo books, printed canvases, etc. Bumpy Photo offers a unique service that will take your digital pictures and turn them into 3D relief sculptures that you can actually touch. When you upload your digital image, special software creates a color 3D depthmap from your 2D flat photo. Once you approve the image, it is then printed in 24bit color 3D hard plaster-like composite material. The price for this service isn’t cheap and is dependent on size, subject matter of the photo and how thick/deep you want the sculpture. For example, a 4″ sculpture of one person/bust with standard thickness is $59.00. But a 2 person picture with extra thickness is $123.00. Very pricey, but very cool too…


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    Jackie Cheng says:

    That’s wild! I’m going to so do one of myself in a Han Solo carbon freeze position…lol

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