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DODOcase Now Available for Kindle Fire

We’ve told you about DODOcases before.  These cases look like Moleskine notebooks, complete with the elastic closure strap.  Inside, your device is cradled in a bamboo tray for security and protection.  Now there’s a DODOcase available for the Amazon Fire.  It’s also handmade in San Francisco using black Moroccan cloth and traditional bookbinding techniques.  The DODOcase can be folded back to form a stand for watching videos or into a typing stand.  You can choose a green, sky blue, charcoal, or red interior.  The DODOcase for Amazon Fire has a normal price of $49.95, but it’s available now for $44.95.

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  • Vladimir Estragon December 10, 2011, 12:17 pm

    The prices for these tablet cases are just obscene. $50 for a cloth cover modeled after a $15 notebook? A $50 cover for a $200 device? I spent $30 for a Marware cover that’s basically the same thing but in plastic, and I’m still ashamed.

  • Pasha Gecko December 25, 2011, 7:28 pm

    For an indepth review of Dodocase Classic Book case for Kindle fire check out http://www.tablet2cases.com/reviews/dodocase-kindle-fire-book-case-red/

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