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A Fork and Spoon that Fits in your Wallet

on July 27, 2011 3:53 pm

For those times when you have a plate of yummy food in front of you, but no eating utensils in sight, you can pull out this credit card sized set of dining tools. It’s questionable how well they will work… especially the spoon, which looks more like a spatula. The Credit Card Cutlery is available from Cooper Hewitt Museum Shop for $10. What do you think, is this a worthy addition to your EDC (every day carry)?


  1. 1
    Mark Adkins says:

    Dang, and I thought my folding titanium spork from Deal Xtreme and plastic ‘origami’ cup.

  2. 2
    Martin says:

    A great solution to a problem that doesn’t exist. I can honestly not remember when I last time had a big plate of food and no cutlery.

  3. 3
    ucfgrad93 says:

    I agree completely Martin.

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