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Go Green with a Touch of a Button

on January 17, 2010 12:45 pm

It might look like something that Dr. Seuss might eat for breakfast, but this Green egg looking USB device is a button. The USB Green Button from Solutions has been designed to put your Windows or Mac computer into low power mode when pressed. This is one of those devices that no one really needs because Windows and OS X have options to go into power saving mode after a specified time of no activity. I guess this is for people that like to collect USB doo-dads. If you’re one of those folks, you can buy one for $7.99


  1. 1
    FubarGuy says:

    So, it’s a solution for something that doesn’t even need one, because it already exists on the machines? Man, I gotta get into this whole “sustainable, green” scam angle.

  2. 2
    Tom says:

    Talk about the ultimate smug emitter

  3. 3
    Andy Chen says:

    If it could be programmed for other functions, that’d be neat. Like a quick “hibernate” shortcut, a one-touch button for locking the screen, etc.

  4. 4
    Jim Latimer says:

    Green products are green…the color of money… ;)
    Some people will buy anything if it says “green”.

  5. 5
    Ben Udkow says:

    I wonder how much impact there is on the environment by shipping these useless products. If the company really wanted to be green they would have a PDF you could download that shows how to map this to a hotkey. :)

  6. 6
    Julie says:

    @Ben Good point.

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