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Desk Genie Non-Slip Charging Desk Stand

on December 23, 2009 5:37 pm

The Desk Genie from MobileFun combines a flash card reader, a desk stand and a charging base for your favorite device. What makes this desktop accessory unique is the special grippy surface that holds the device (iPhone, Zune, etc.) at just the right angle so that you can easily view the display. It’s £14.99 directly from


  1. 1
    Jim says:

    Looks great and I would LOVE to try it, but they do not ship to the US! (Boo!) I emailed them and they responded and confirmed that they do not. Anyone else sells these things? In a short search, I came empty on ebay and amazon.

  2. 2
    jane petty says:

    Jim- I just read a post on another site saying that sells these in the US- hope you find one!

  3. 3

    [...] as Julie mentioned in her spotlight gadget post of the Desk Genie back in December, what makes this little gadget rather unique is the way that it [...]

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