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Spotlight Gadget – Korg DT-4 Chromatic Tuner

on December 28, 2008 9:36 am


The DT-4 is a strobe style musical instrument tuner from Korg. It might be a good alternative to the more expensive Peterson strobe tuners. I’ve ordered one to review and use with my ukuleles.


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    Carroll says:

    The advantage to the peterson strobe tuners is that they have a wheel for each pitch… not just the one you are playing. That way you can also tune the overtones as well as the fundamental. I do not see much of an advantage of this one over plain old needle tuners.

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    Julie says:


    Thank you for the clarification. Although, I’m not quite sure exactly what you’re talking about ;) Ha! I’m a self-proclaimed hack when it comes to playing music.

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